Cricket tournaments in India — main information and the updated list of the events 

Indian cricket is well known all around the world also because of the high professional level of the players and some effective financing of the teams here. Also, it should be noticed that the level of the Indian team is growing each year so all the fans can see even more spectacular wins. The cricket league is growing too as well as the  number of competitions that are available in the betting lives via the Indian sportsbooks’ websites. And there are not just international events but also important domestic tournaments which you could read on this page below. 

Cricket PRO tournaments formats — whats the differences between T20, ODI, and first-level cricket

Before choosing the event for the betting it is really important to learn all the cricket rules and the features of this sport. There are a few main cricket competitions format now – the first-level cricket, one-day matches, and the T20. The first level matches duration is from 3 to 5 days and during this period can be held the test matches between national teams for the national championships. This is the slowest cricket form when all the matches are continuous in heavy tactical combat terms. 

The fastest and the most spectacular regulation is the T20 cricket format. Here all the matches are continuous for a short period that’s why this format gradually becoming the most popular in the world. Due to the T20 rules, the matches are continuous till 2 innings. That’s why the average duration of a match is about 3,5 hours. 

One-day matches (ODI) are the events where the matches are continuous during the day and the over limits for the whole match are about 40 or 50. 

Main cricket tournaments for the profitable betting – best domestic events in India 

So now you already knew about all the main cricket tournament formats. Also, read the list of the biggest and the most important competitions here in India for now:

  • T20 Mumbai League
  • Saurashtra Premier League
  • Celebrity Cricket League
  • Karnataka Premier League
  • Tamil Nadu Premier League
  • Odisha Premier League
  • Rajwada Cricket League
  • Indian Cricket League
  • World Divyang t10
  • Telangana T20 League

It’s the event with the best betting line and the highest odds. That’s why almost all the bettors prefer to bet on these exact events getting some really great results. But still, before making the first bets on one of these tournaments it is important to read its regulations and to check the odds that the sportsbook offers for the chosen match.

Based on the sportsbooks odds you will see the real chances of the teams for the win and find the best markets for the betting. For sure you can bet on your favorite teams but that should be not the only reason for the market’s choice. You will need to analyze the different factors and prepare the forecast even before reading the available vetting line and making bets. Such a complex approach to cricket betting will help you simply increase your chances of winnings.

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