Criminal Lawyers: Learn More about Common Areas of Practice

If you need a criminal defense lawyer, your choice of a firm will hinge on their expertise in the areas that cover these matters. Criminal defense covers offenses that range from deportation to felony crimes to misdemeanors and civil filings. White collar crimes also fall under this classification.

The following information covers some key areas that criminal lawyers oversee. Whether you are battling deportation, have been charged with theft or want to defend an SEC charge, you need to know how a criminal defense lawyer can help defend your case.

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When you work with legal experts in the field, you can expect better results. Otherwise, you may experience serious repercussions – outcomes that may result in additional jail time and fines.

So, let’s look at the types of defenses lawyers handle that are commonly heard in New York courts.

Defenses Covering Deportation

If you hold a green card and are considered a U.S. permanent resident, it does not mean you cannot get deported. Only naturalized U.S. citizens can avoid problems with deportation. Green card holders must strictly follow U.S.laws to avoid legal problems related to deportation.

Whether you get charged with a criminal activity or have entered the U.S. illegally, you need to speak with an attorney who knows all facets of immigration law and criminal defense.

Criminal Felony Defenses

Felony defenses cover more serious crimes such as criminal tax fraud, child ponography, aggravated assault, mairjuana trafficking and possession, crack/cocaine possession, or forgery. You’ll spend more time in jail and the fines can be expensive.

Therefore, you need to make sure the attorney you choose deals with these matters regularly. A lawyer who has an intricate knowledge of the court systems and processes can help you get through the ordeal of complying to the court’s mandates while strategizing a logical and reasonable defense.

Defenses for Misdemeanor Charges

Misdemeanors may range from a theft of service charge to larceny to domestic violence to a traffic ticket violation. While these crimes are considered less severe, they still may carry heavy fines or penalties.

For example, if you fail to pay a cab driver because you forgot your money, you can still be sentenced to a year in jail. Therefore, the attorney you choose needs to know New York law so they can handle your defense expertly and knowledgeably.

Defenses for License Violations

A license defense may include one of several types of licensing. Criminal defense lawyers assist clients who are subject to driver license violations, liquor license disputes, or who are in jeopardy of losing their license as a nurse, doctor, or a professional, such as as an accountant.

For instance, a nurse may be charged with care issues when the facility where he or she worked is not sufficiently staffed or poorly run. Therefore, it is vital to use the services of a law firm that handles these types of defenses.

White Collar Defenses

White collar crimes are typically related to financial or business fraud and may cover Ponzi schemes, SEC violations, and hard sales tactics. If the prosecution cannot adequately show that a specific crime was committed, a defense lawyer may be able to get the criminal charges dropped. In some cases, your lawyer may be able to work out a plea bargain  and mitigate the charges.

What Is Your Line of Defense?

When you’re charged with criminal activity, your choice of a lawyer is an important consideration. Therefore, make sure you’re using the services of a law firm that knows how to plan a defense that will benefit you financially and legally.

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