Designing the Perfect Shower

A shower is one of the main focal points of your bathroom. While renovating your room, it’s important to design a shower with features that enhance the appearance of your bathroom and provide you with comfortable, relaxing showers. Let’s go over some popular shower features to help you design the perfect shower for your space.


There’s a variety of showerheads on the market, and it’s important to choose the showerhead that provides you with the right functionality to meet your needs. A popular choice is the fixed shower head, which is one that’s attached to the wall. Because it’s in a fixed position, you can’t easily move it or detach it from the wall. This type of head is generally easier to install, which is especially useful if you’re a first-time home renovator.

Another option is a handheld showerhead, which allows you to detach the perfect shower from the wall and move it around. This showerhead typically has several settings to adjust the water pressure. If you can’t decide between a fixed or handheld showerhead, then opting for a dual showerhead is the perfect choice for you. With a dual showerhead, you can have a fixed head mounted to the wall, along with a handheld showerhead attachment, allowing you to use both heads at the same time.

Shower Tiles

Properly waterproofed tiles keep moisture out of your shower’s walls and help you create a unique, decorated space. Cement bathroom tile is a durable option that can provide you with a smooth, stylish finish. This type of tile offers a stain-resistant and non-slippery surface. Ceramic and porcelain tile is a cost-friendly option you can find in an array of colors and patterns. You can fuse any high-resolution digital image on the surface of these types of tiles, making the design possibilities nearly endless. Granite tile is also a durable option that can increase the overall value of your home.

So now that you picked out the perfect tile for your shower, how are you going to maintain it? Using shower system waterproofing can help you ensure your tiles maintain their appearance and quality by limiting the chances of mold, mildew, or water damage.

Shower Doors

While it’s common to go with a shower curtain instead of a door, shower doors can keep moisture inside of the shower and ensure the other areas of your bathroom stay dry. Glass is a popular choice for shower doors, thanks to its versatility and elegant appearance. You can choose from different types of glass, such as clear glass or frosted glass, based on your budget and design preferences. Depending on your bathroom’s layout, you might choose a sliding bathroom door that moves back and forth on the door frame’s tracks or a hinged door that opens in either direction.

Your shower’s design has a big impact on your bathroom’s overall appearance. To create the perfect shower, it’s important to choose features that create a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere.

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