Diamonds Are for Women Too!

Have you ever thought about why it is said that diamonds are a woman’s best friend? To be precise, diamonds and women have a connection by heart. 

For years, we have seen some incredible vintage pieces that have made women stand out. Most of these bespoke jewelry pieces were made out of diamonds.

Whether a queen’s tiara or a tennis bracelet lost on the court, diamonds have had a fair impact on women’s fashion. In this article, we will talk about why women love diamonds.

Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Rings

Don’t be surprised! Lab-grown diamonds are real, and they’re breaking barriers. A recent study on lab grown vs. natural diamond engagement rings has revealed some interesting facts. For example:

  • In 2020, the share of lab-grown diamond engagement rings was 18.7%. 
  • In 2021, the market share touched 28.4%. 

There is no difference between a natural diamond and a lab grown diamond. So yes, women do prefer jewelry sets, wedding bands, and engagement rings made out of lab created diamonds.

In the last few years, lab grown diamonds have become very popular among the masses. However, with the recent developments in environmental studies, millennials want to ensure that they don’t become the cause of more harm.

There are various advantages of buying lab created diamonds. Lab grown diamonds are an eco-friendly option. They are grown ethically and are also not as expensive as earth-mined diamonds. 

In addition, since they are identical to natural diamonds in terms of chemical and physical properties, they would soon become the only diamonds available.

8 Reasons Why Women Love Diamonds

Let’s talk about why diamonds are a woman’s best friend. In this section, we are enlisting various reasons why diamonds share a strong bond with women.

Must-Have Fashion Accessory for Special Occasions

When we think about jewelry, we think about femininity. Trinkets and fashion jewelry is how women express themselves, their happiness, and their mood. A diamond jewelry piece makes a stunning choice for a special occasion.

We are not saying that women flaunt diamond accessories in their daily routine. Well, some do, but, in most cases, women would like to don these pieces for a special night out or a ballroom dance. So, apart from engagement rings, bespoke diamond trinkets are usually kept aside to be worn occasionally.

Without diamond jewelry, a woman feels incomplete and underdressed.

Upgrades You Entire Look to Classy

Unlike colorful necklaces and dangler earrings, diamond jewelry depicts sheer elegance and class. The beauty of engagement rings cannot be overlooked since it’s all about making an impression. Apart from the center stone, the ring also contains small, sparkling diamonds.   

Anyhow, if it seems expensive, a simple and plain diamond engagement ring would do. It can enhance your attire and make it look more luxurious.

And if you don’t have one, you can always up your look with a diamond tennis bracelet or studs. Make sure the pieces you’re donning are simple yet elegant. The diamond in your jewelry should be spotted even from a distance.

Real Investment

They will burn a big hole in your pocket if you’re buying polka, gold, or diamonds. But, at the same time, they are also a real investment and will make you a bit of profit in the long run.

When women invest in jewelry, it makes them feel secure. They purchase something with an indefinite value, ensuring they have a security net to help themselves in a time of need. This is why it is imperative that when you’re buying gold or diamond jewelry, you should do it from reputable sources, those with:

  1. Established businesses
  2. A membership of a recognized trade association

However, the value of diamonds decreases over time. But, if you buy your diamonds in a gold bracelet or a ring, they won’t lose their value to nickel.

Enhances Self-Confidence

When a woman puts on the right piece of jewelry with the right dress for the right occasion, it boosts their self-confidence. Their skin is more comfortable, they look more stylish, and they feel more confident on how they look.

However, if women don’t ensure they are wearing the right accessories, it may as well blow up in their faces. Jewelry has the power to make or break your entire look. So, when putting trinkets on, you must ensure you’ve chosen the right pieces.

Diamonds Are Unique

As mentioned, women feel very special when they don a diamond accessory. The reason is that each diamond jewelry piece is unique and different in its respect. 

Every trinket that has a diamond engraved in it makes women feel special. The fact that diamond has a particular uniqueness makes them so much more worth, which is why women enjoy putting them on.

Has Sentimental Value

For women, diamond jewelry isn’t just a small trinket. They hold sentimental value for them. For instance, an engagement ring is the most prized possession of women regardless of color, weight, and size.

They hold it dearly to their hearts because engagement rings symbolize love. Just like that, when someone is gifting a diamond jewelry piece, it adds more value to the gift. This is why women hold these pieces very close to their hearts.

Made to Last

The best part about diamond jewelry is that it is made to last. So you can even gift it to your grandchildren if you want.

If used carefully, nothing can dull the sparkle of diamonds. These timeless pieces can turn into a family heirloom that you can gift to your daughter, and then she can give it to hers. So the cycle continues, and you can pass on what you love to your future generations in the most attractive manner.

So Many Options to Choose From

Diamonds aren’t just unique but also available in various choices. You can select a tennis bracelet or a diamond necklace to go with your engagement ring. Or you can go for different cuts for your engagement rings and earrings; the list is endless. 

Then you can have them placed on different metals or gold and platinum. It depends on your budget, of course. But the bottom line is that you will never run out of choices when buying a diamond accessory.

Final Words

So, these are all the reasons why diamonds are for women. Indeed, they are a woman’s best friends. Nobody thought a small stone could bring value and admiration to someone’s life. 

So, the next time you think about getting a woman a gift, think about buying them diamonds. It will mean so much more to them than you can imagine.

Hopefully, this article has been enlightening for you. 

Thank you so much for reading.

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