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Different Interior design styles that fit you best

There are several styles of interior design that will fit you best. You can’t go wrong with country, modern contemporary or vintage style. There are numerous styles that might fit your home as well as your taste more appropriately, but some styles work better than others for different types of homes.

Before deciding on a specific style you want, think about some basic elements such as lighting, color and furniture placement within the space. Do some research to see which popular interior designs would best suit the type of home you live in now. If you have a small house or apartment it may not be practical to fill every room with over-sized furnishings and accessories which is why smaller sized homes do better with a contemporary look where less is more often times anyway.

Another thing to take into consideration is the overall architecture of your home. If you have a sturdy two-story colonial, for example, it wouldn’t be likely that you’d want to use French provincial furniture throughout every room because the style would look out of place.

Country Style

This relaxed and casual design reflects traditional Americana with its simple designs and country flair. It’s often characterized by solid colors in tones like browns, tans or reds that are used throughout the home. Floral accent pillows or rustic patterned upholstery can add pops of color in this type of interior design.

Cottage Style

Much less formal than traditional styles, cottage style is ideal for homes with smaller rooms because there aren’t a lot of heavy and dark furnishings and accessories used. This type of home design often includes lighter color furniture.

Modern Contemporary Style

This style is all about clean lines and contemporary shapes in modern designs with brighter colors than the country or cottage styles. It’s perfect for homes that need a little more room because it calls for larger pieces. Visit https://www.incenseocean.com/collections/waterfall-incense-burners

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