Does Vinegar help you pass a 5-panel drug test?

Maybe. There is no scientific evidence to back up that the Vinegar would help you pass your 5-panel drug test. However, according to scientific justifications, it might have a part in eliminating the drug metabolites from your body faster. This blog will help you understand vinegar’s role in effectively reducing the drug metabolites, benefits, and challenges around them.

How does Vinegar work to help you pass your drug test?

There is no proven method, but scientifically, Vinegar is an acid, and it can create an acidic environment that might help clear off the THC metabolites from your body. The drug metabolites will get stored in the fat cells, and it need an acidic flush to get away from the fat cells and comes out of the system as urine. It would take a considerable amount of time if done naturally. So, you may use vinegar to speed up the process which might help you reduce the drug levels below the cut-off levels.

Can I add Vinegar to the urine sample to pass my drug test?

Adding vinegar to your urine sample should be the last thing you want to do to pass your 5-panel urine drug test. It is because of the PH. Yes, vinegar is an acid and has a low PH (4.3) compared to the Urine sample, which needs a PH of 6.5 to 7.2. If you add vinegar to your sample, it will reduce the PH of the urine sample, thereby making it invalid for the drug test. So, it is best to avoid using this technique if you want to pass your 5-panel drug test.

Does Vinegar help me pass my 5-panel hair test or mouth swab drug test?

Apple Cider Vinegar may help you pass your hair drug test, but it would not work for your mouth-swab drug test. You can apply vinegar to your hair and after 15 minutes, apply salicylic acid and wash it off using a detergent. This might reduce the toxins present in your hair.

Adding vinegar to your mouthwash to pass your mouth swab drug test might not work as it would dilute the saliva and reduce the concentration of the mouth swab.

Final Verdict

Apple Cider vinegar might not be a trusted solution when it comes to passing your 5-panel drug test. It might work for some and might not for some people. You should be cautious while taking the vinegar detox as it would cause side effects if taken above certain limits. So, it is recommended to abstain from drugs if your drug test is on the cards. This helps you pass your drug test and saves you from the embarrassment or proceedings that you might face if you are caught tampering with the drug test.

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