Driver behavior and impact of road advertising signs

The carelessness and distraction of the driver are widely accepted as two of the most dangerous variables on the road. Although street advertising is often cited as a cause of distraction, it has received less attention than other types of distractions such as texting or talking on the phone while driving.

As a result, the emphasis of this study had on the side effects of road signs in driver behavior and road safety. A systematic literature-based study was conducted to investigate this.

To quantify the potential impact of roadside advertising safety, 90 different papers were obtained and tested using the Task-Capability Interface (TCI) Model. (Are you looking to advertise your business through animated videos? Visit

The results confirmed that the TCI model is an effective tool for interpreting the link between street advertising and driving behavior. Sidewalk advertising signs may be considered to be an environmental nuisance in this regard, as they add additional requirements to the driving activity.

Sidewalk signs, in particular, disrupt the driver’s eyesight. In addition, it has been found that individual differences between drivers significantly reduce the impact of street advertising on driving behavior.

The fact that young drivers provide the most attention-grabbing services in street advertising was very important, implies a very poor ability to distinguish between relevant and non-relevant driving information.

However, based on facts, it is not possible to clearly state that there is a direct link between changes in driving behavior associated with road advertising and road accidents.

Despite the fact that many studies are still unconfirmed, there is growing evidence that street advertising may increase the risk of collisions, especially for signs that may change frequently (commonly referred to as digital boards).

Lastly, it is important to note that most of the knowledgeable research done but had significant performance errors. As a result, further research is urgently needed in this field, taking into account rapid changes in roadside technology and the transport system.

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