East Coast Electronics Recycling Offers Easy and Safe E-Waste Disposal Solutions for Businesses?

If your business has amassed a number of obsolete electronics that merely take up valuable office space, the reliable & experienced e-waste recycling firm East Coast Electronics Recycling (ECER Inc.) has a solution for you. Their e-waste pick-up service is designed to help businesses dispose of their electronics in a safe and environmentally responsible manner. When you use a trusted recycling company like ECER Inc., you can count on a simple & easy process from start to finish along with punctual, courteous service from their friendly staff. Businesses can rest assured that their e-waste is being handled in accordance with all state & federal environmental regulations.

ECER Inc. can suit your needs and dispose of your e-waste quickly and properly. Their time-tested process allows for the safe disposal and recycling of all types of e-waste and secure data destruction via a US Department of Defense standard wipe or physical destruction of all hard drives. Devices brought into their state-of-the-art facility will be disassembled, and inspected. Then basic scrap parts will be repurposed for use in the manufacturing of new electronic devices, thus reducing the need to mine for various resources. ECER Inc. has a commitment to making sure that none of your materials end up in a landfill or are exported illegally.

With new government laws and policies being put into place on an ongoing basis, acquainting yourself with proper procedures can turn into a guessing game. But when you partner with a firm that has been an early adopter of electronics recycling like ECER Inc., it turns what could be a stressful process into something much less complicated. Whether you’re disposing of a few outdated computers or multiple truckloads, ECER Inc. is up to the task.

ECER Inc. ensures compliance with local recycling laws and policies while also assuring that any client & employee data stored on devices will be wiped or destroyed, making them the trustworthy solution for businesses in New Hampshire to dispose of any electronic devices that are no longer needed in their workplace.

ECER Inc.’s team of reliable personnel is dedicated to providing the best experience when it comes to each step of the e-waste disposal process. For any questions, you may have and to find the most efficient solution for your e-waste disposal needs, contact ECER Inc. today!

About ECER Inc.

For more than 20 years, New Hampshire has benefited from dependable electronic trash recycling services from ECER Inc. For businesses, educational organizations, healthcare facilities, municipalities, and localities wishing to properly recycle their outdated devices, they provide collection choices. They are early adopters of cutting-edge procedures and technologies that guarantee ethical e-waste recycling. The professional services that ECER Inc. offers range from recycling and disposal to wiping & erasing data and asset management. For more than two decades, ECER Inc. has provided reliable service to the New Hampshire area. It looks forward to continuing this tradition for decades to come.

Your top option for electronics recycling in The Granite State is ECER because of its dedication to preserving the environment.

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