Every Warzone Change Call of Duty Vanguard Makes

The California Dept. of Fair Employment & Housing filed a lawsuit against Activision Blizzard and it alleges that this company has engaged itself in discrimination, abuse, as well as revenge against its female employees. However, Activision Blizzard hasn’t accepted the allegations. Fans of COD or Call of Duty: Warzone have been busy preparing for every alteration that would come when COD or Call of Duty: Vanguard happens to be combined with Vanguard season on the 2nd of December. Now, in Vanguard, players can play some brand-new campaigns that are set all across WW2. This is a novice Zombies experience that has been developed by Treyarch.

Players have been hugely enjoying the returning of multiplayer to WW2 action though many players are shifting their focus for getting prepared for every change that is coming to the battle royale of Call of Duty.

In the year 2020, Warzone was launched and it did happen after COD: Modern Warfare did launch with the map serving of Verdansk in the form of a setting that did cater to large-scale squad-based gameplay. The most important thing is it turned into a quick hit. As Warzone had been extremely popular, it managed to attract countless players from all across the globe. And so, it does not come as a surprise that it had turned into one of the greatest-earning games of the year 2020.

However, only recently, numerous players have turned frustrated with this game as they aren’t interested in the map of Verdansk anymore. Again, they also became irritated with bugs as well as the non-stop hacking issue.

At a time when Vanguard gets integrated into Warzone fully then there would be huge alterations and they would help in making the game brand-new. Since the time Warzone was launched, it has gone through many changes and they comprise some inclusions like the game mode and Rebirth Island map. Again, it has also combined with COD: Black Ops Cold War besides different limited-time events, like Ghosts of Verdansk and The Haunting. They have helped in keeping the game exciting and fresh. Only recently, these alterations have become slow and so, they left the game feeling decayed. Hence, many players have shifted their attention to the Vanguard’s new multiplayer.

Using cheats

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What is meant “Hello to Caldera”?

In the first season of Warzone and Vanguard, action would get transferred from the countryside and streets of Verdansk to the Candera’s Pacific Jungle. Since the launch in March 2020, the Verdansk map of Warzone has undergone many progressive alterations. The areas that were once filled with buildings were removed and those that didn’t have any buildings are now having many. Again, Nakatomi Tower from the house of Die Hard too was included to Downtown.

While playing Season 6, players can see that the major parts of Verndansk have been shattered as buildings collapsed. Again, the ground split open too. So, it has become confirmed that players will see that Verdansk has been destroyed completely when they play the Season 6 final. However, the action will keep on going in Caldera.

What is meant by Caldera?

Caldera is acknowledged as a brand-new map that is formed from the group up. Beginning from the early screenshots to the reveal trailer, it seems different from Verdansk in more ways than one. Players will come across many grass and trees in place of roads and grey concrete buildings.

The reveal has been successful in gathering lots of praises from well-known streamers of COD compared to when PUBG did release its jungle-themed map of Sanhok. A brand new map seems exciting all the time because players will be required to spend a lot of time learning the layout besides discovering novice methods to gain an edge against the opponents.

The hackers of Warzone are dealt with in Call of Duty: Vanguard

In recent months, the COD players have been asking the developers to handle the huge hacking problem of Warzone. Hackers have overwhelmed Warzone for more than a year and hackers are already ruining matches in Vanguard. The good thing is very recently, a solution is coming. A separate team has involved itself in developing the novice RICOCHET Anti-Cheat. Its job is combating cheaters in Warzone. Players will see that the program does feature a kernel-level driver. The anti-cheat will do the job of bringing server improvements to Vanguard and Warzone and they will turn easier for players to detect the cheaters available on the servers.

The cheating problem of Warzone has turned into its greatest weakness and it caused numerous players to give up this game until this problem is fixed. Again, RICOCHET also intends to stop COD hackers. When it becomes successful in delivering these promises then it will turn into the finest thing that can happen to COD since the time Warzone was launched.

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