Five Secret Recipes to Make Your Winter Brunches Wonderful

The winter season is all about dine-outs and parties, but it’s not safe to do such activities anymore due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Yes, the pandemic is still not over. Now the omicron variant is here and unlike others, it’s spreading rapidly.

Experts believe that it’s the most contagious variant from the coronavirus family. Hence, it’s better if you host your brunches and dinners at home instead of dining out. However, you must keep the gatherings limited to a few people only, no more than ten.

To help you host a fabulous winter brunch, here I have some amazing recipes:

Rosemary Lamb Roast 

I personally love slow-roasted lamb. It’s truly the life of every brunch party, so you must not skip it. However, you can always roast the lamb differently and stand out in the crowd.

Yes, marinate lamb in rosemary paste and make sure to sprinkle some dried rosemary leaves on top of it for garnishing. For some extra flavor, you can add garlic to it. Garlic and rosemary make the best combination; hence, it’s worth a try.

Chicken and Cheddar Soufflé 

Not everyone likes red meat, so it’s important to have a meat alternative. Chicken and cheddar soufflé is a great option for this. It’s a simple dish that is made using chicken, a few veggies, white sauce, and cheddar cheese.

Although people usually add cheese at the end right before baking it, my secret recipe involves adding cheese in the pan when cooking veggies and chicken. It gives the soufflé a distinctive taste and thick consistency.

Parmesan Garlic Linguine 

Serving meat alone is not a great idea. It’s best if you make some rice or pasta with it. I suggest you go for parmesan garlic linguine. It’s insanely easy to prepare and doesn’t require many ingredients.

To make parmesan garlic linguine, you need linguine pasta, fresh cream, parmesan cheese, some garlic cloves, and 2-3 cubes of cream cheese. The cream cheese is not compulsory here, I like adding it as it improves the consistency of pasta.

Caramel Pecan Rolls 

As I mentioned above, it’s all about my secret recipes today, so you won’t find anything mainstream here. Desserts are like a cherry on the top. They’re mandatory to give your brunch a finishing touch.

Speaking of desserts, caramel pecan rolls are what I recommend. They’re made just like cinnamon rolls. All you need to do is add caramel to them and sprinkle pecans on top for garnishing. To make it all a bit more fun, you can also add some cannabis-infused gummies in the pecan rolls. There’s no harm in having some fun, after all.

Red Velvet Macarons 

They say dessert doesn’t go to your belly; it goes to your heart. Therefore, you must ensure that there’s more than one dessert, and what could be better than making some red velvet macarons?

Macarons have a good shelf life, so it’s okay if you’re left with a few at the end of the brunch. You can enjoy them later with tea. Red velvet macarons are not too common. You can make them using the same chocolate macarons recipe. All you need to do is skip the chocolate and add red velvet flavor to the flour.

Throwing a mainstream brunch with common eatables is not going to cut it. Try making the things mentioned above and I’m sure you’ll become the talk of the town. Good luck!

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