Four Characteristics of a Good Life Insurance Agent

There is no question that most of us are extra meticulous when choosing doctors, dentists, lawyers, and even our therapists.

Indeed, we are a little exacting and particular when it comes to the selection of these individuals considering that a lot is at stake at their hands. In essence, these are the professionals we entrust a significant aspect of our lives which merits a conscientious selection process.

But what about life insurance agents?

They are the professionals primarily responsible for our coverages, yet there is a good majority of us who do not exercise the same keen caution in their selection. As professionals who play a pivotal part in our lives and futures, we need to be a little careful about the life insurance we choose to transact with.

Whether you are buying an affordable life insurance plan or premium coverage, it should go without saying that choosing the right life insurance agent for you is paramount. Keep in mind that when you begin your life insurance policy, you are also starting a correspondence with your agent. More than that, you are commencing a relationship with the company that handles your policy, as well as the carrier that handles your policy. All that considered, it is prudent to ensure that you have chosen your agent well to avoid any regrets down the road.

Below are the five characteristics of a good insurance agent:

1.) People Skills

It is a given that good life insurance agents have excellent people skills. That said, insurance agents are able to connect and get along with a multitude of personality types. Keep in mind that insurance coverages are pretty much an investment. As a result, there is much to discuss when you decide to purchase it. If your agent is aloof or difficult to talk to, they would have a difficult time educating you about your chosen policies and coverages.

Work with an agent that is approachable, friendly, and easy to talk to, as this can go a long way when you are asked to examine private aspects of your life.

2.) Knowledgeable

Good and competent agents should know the basics of the industry and the coverages they are offering. More importantly, they should know the brokerage firm they work for. However, superior life insurance agents should know so much more than just the basics of life insurance policies. Keep in mind that every individual’s needs and lifestyle picture are different. As such, the policies and coverages offered should differ accordingly to these needs.

A quality agent should see both sides of the coin. They should not only look at the side that benefits their team the most but rather also take your needs into account.

3.) Open to Alternatives

Availing of life insurance coverages is a significant decision and life purchase. Like any significant investments we make in our lives, it is inevitable to have countless questions, and we cannot help make comparisons here and there. Internet-savvy individuals would conduct their own research prior to their initial meeting with an agent. In some cases, this may undoubtedly pressure an agent to conform to the specifics a customer has researched or heard about.

A good agent, however, would be open to listening to all of your ideas and comparisons. More importantly, they are open to potential alternatives. A superior agent’s primary goal should be that a policyholder receives the best possible coverage available that puts the holder’s objectives and needs first.

4.) They are Policy Owners Themselves

It is easier to rely on an agent who trusts their product. That said, you would not want to transact with a financial advisor who is deep in debt. While your agent’s life and outlooks largely differ from yours, they are also customers of the same product that they are trying to sell you. In this way, their advice and knowledge to you are better warranted.

After all, they too are consumers of the same purchase. In this way, they can practice what they preach. More importantly, it makes them a better advocate of the product you are about to buy.


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