Historical and Cultural Phenomenon in Astrology

Cultural Phenomenon in Astrology Here we will discuss astrology’s historical and cultural phenomena to change your life and motivate you to get success. You can also search for an astrologer online for better guidance. Online astrology websites offer online astrologer chat facilities to save your time, money, and energy and solve your queries within seconds.


From the ancient days, Astrology has been a phenomenon influencing history and culture for a long time. Astrology is often based on faith throughout history and has shaped history by influencing the motivational power of the planetary bodies.

Historical Roots of Astrology in Countries

Mesopotamia: The Mesopotamians are believed to have invented astrology and astronomy. They began the study of the cosmos, stars, and planets. The Scientific Studies and observations originated from the study of omens and eclipses. The sciences of astronomy and astrology were the same in that period. Mesopotamians first published calendars and almanacs.

Egypt: Throughout the Hellenistic period in Egypt, Babylonian astrology was mixed with the local Egyptian customs. Ptolemy wrote Tetrabiblos in Hellenistic Egypt, and it is the basis for modern Western astrological traditions.

Rome: The Greeks gave the idea of astrology to Rome. Astrology was a significant part of Roman politics. Sometimes, it is found that astrology influenced the fate of the Roman Empires. The Romans were good philosophers, and astrology Cultural Phenomenon in Astrology was legal for them to reach the general public.

The rulers also allowed and took advantage of worship of the Sun, and they linked the Sun with the Empire’s Ruler. In the time of Roman rulers, astrology became a powerful political instrument. They believed in astrology, and they were astute to utilize its power to manipulate people.

Arabs: The Arabs are believed to have spread astrology knowledge. They were great astronomers, but their beliefs contradicted many astrological concepts. The kings also believed in astrological phenomena, which created the course of history. According to the history of Arabia, the arrival of a comet was the cause of a fight and altered the Ottoman empire’s history.

Europe: Renaissance and Medieval Europe were interested in astrology. Europe had combined the study of astrology with medical practice. This rise continued until the beginning of the 18th century, and till now, astrology websites are in vogue throughout Europe.

India: India’s earliest history of astrology dates back to the Vedic period. The Greeks and Persians are believed to be part of the development Cultural Phenomenon in Astrology of Indian astrology. Astrology was very useful to find out the proper timing for Vedic ceremonies. Vedic astrology has been increasingly influential in the lives of the individual to develop their lifestyle. Still, most major events are scheduled in India according to astrologically favorable dates and times. After horoscope compatibility and consulting with a best astrologer online, people finalise arranged marriages in India. In India, astrology has numerous geographical variations through which astrology has developed.

China: Astrology and philosophy are taken to be the same in China. The Chinese astrology system splits time into the 60-year cycle. The cycles are based on the twelve animal signs and five earth elements.

MesoAmerica: Mesoamerican astrology follows its customs. The most famous astrological system is known as the Mayan system.

The important facts about astrology:

  • Astrology has been changing from time to time and remains popular worldwide. The influence of science and technology has not defamed astrologers or their services. People are still interested in studying and believing in astrology. Sometimes, there is no scientific evidence to support the accuracy of astrological views, and astrology serves to develop the quality of human life.
  • People can now reach astrologers from all over the world through astrology websites and can study astrology according to their interests. Though in ancient times, astrology was only the study of omens and astronomy, it has flourished over time. Astrology is becoming popular with the development of information technology. This sometimes appears to be counter-intuitive, as sometimes it is said that technology destroys people’s faith in the planetary bodies.
  • Over time, the Indian astrological tradition flourished. From the 2nd century CE to the 12th century CE, major astrological writings were created and changed the history of Vedic astrology for future prediction. The famous books include Yavanajataka, Brihat Jataka, Brihat Samhita, Brihat Parashara Hora Sastra, and Saravali.

Interesting facts about astrology:

  • It is interesting to know that astrology is based on planetary science. The planetary movements are often used to forecast climatic changes. The movements of the planets also impact farming activity. The best Indian astrologer can suggest the best methods for proper motivation in life.
  • Astrology is also helpful in predicting impending disasters and natural phenomena. Astrology has been flourishing through generations for future prediction. In the twenty-first century, it is an approachable technique. It serves as a sphere to assist an individual in achieving prosperity and fame.


Astrology is gaining popularity among the general public. The number of people who use technological advancements and internet access to online astrology chat services is also increasing over time.

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