How Crash And Plinko Are Changing the Face of Casino Games

The world of casino games might seem like it never changes. Despite classics like roulette and baccarat continuing to attract players, a new generation of gambling games has changed how we think of these sites. Crash-style games and Plinko are among the most important new ways of playing and they’ve already made a big impact in the industry.

What Are Crash Games?

Crash games involve an object moving across the screen, usually a plane, a spacecraft or some other object that gains height as it moves. A win multiplier grows while it climbs, so the key is in deciding when to cash out before it flies away or crashes. Getting the timing right leads to the biggest possible prize and leaving it too late means losing the stake while cashing out too early lowers the amount of the win. 

You can see how this works when you look at the Aviator game by Spribe. In this case, it’s a retro-type plane with a propellor that flies across the screen. The player wins the amount on the screen if they manage to cash out before it flies away. This game includes live statistics and a chat function for a more complete gaming experience. 

What Does Plinko Involve?

The other type of game that’s currently making waves in the casino business has the word Plinko in its name, indicating the type of gameplay it involves. Plinko Go from 1×2 Network is a good example, as we can see that you place your wager and then press start to begin. A ball drops from the top of the screen to the bottom. This type of gameplay has drawn comparisons with the Pachinko game which was played by an estimated 7.2 million players in Japan in 2021. 

It also has some similarities with pinball machines, which were introduced in the 1930s according to the Games Room Company’s history of pinball and had their heyday in the last few decades of the 20th century. If the ball hits a pin on the way down then the value shown on the pin is added to the win automatically. Other versions have the win values at the bottom of the screen that determine the amount of any win when the ball reaches there or allows you to play with several balls at once.

pachinko” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by twicepix

Why Are They So Popular?

Perhaps the key advantage of this type of game is that it’s incredibly simple to play. It’s a question of choosing the amount of the wager and starting the game. In Plinko games, you just need to wait to see whether the ball hits a prize on the way, with an automatic payout if it does.

Crash games are also easy to understand, but there’s an added element in the way that you need to decide when to cash out. However, you can easily see how it works as there’s a cashout button you need to click on before the plane flies away. 

These factors help to explain why we’re seeing a growing number of Crash and Plinko games appearing in online casinos alongside the most traditional games. With different versions appearing from the top developers, expect to see these games continue to gain popularity.  

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