How Crypto Gaming Can Be a New Way to Make Money

All the Swyftx are just like any other video game, the main difference is that they run on the crypto network. Furthermore, it provides ownership of virtual in-game products to the players.

Cryptocurrencies are becoming more famous day by day and now people want to incorporate blockchain technology in every product. Online gaming is the future and people are crazy about it. Nowadays, developers want to leverage crypto to trade and purchase in-game products like characters, skins, cosmetics, etc.

Video games have evolved in the past few years. Do you know the global gaming market is valued at around USD 137.70 billion? This number is going to increase with every passing year. One of the biggest gaming companies out there is Tencent, Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft. When it comes to annual revenue, Sony comes at the top having revenue of USD 25 Billion.

In 2020, we have seen many industries face downfall due to the Covid-19 pandemic. However, the gaming industry thrived during this situation. Many countries lock down to control the infection, so people start spending their time in their homes. That is one of the reasons that more people have started playing online video games.

Many big companies claimed that they had made record sales in the year 2020. It also increases the number of people buying in-game assets.

Crypto Gaming

We have also seen that people start investing in crypto coins as well. This surge in the crypto market also attracted game developers. Compared to traditional gaming, crypto gamers can earn money while playing. A recent report shows that about 75% of gamers want to trade their assets for a currency. One of the reasons that crypto gaming is becoming so popular is that it allows players to collect and trade virtual assets. Furthermore, it is a safe and simple way for gamers to earn money.

How does it Work?

As you know anyone can buy crypto with a digital wallet on a crypto exchange.  So, how a gamer can benefit from this function?

As you know game developers use affiliate marketing to sell in-game assets in traditional gaming. Every gamer knows that they can earn coins while playing games. These coins have no value outside the game environment, which is terrible.

That is where crypto gaming comes in to help them out. It allows users to keep their in-game products on a ledger on the crypto network. THIS LEDGER is known as the blockchain, which allows gamers to trade these assets for cryptocurrency. They can then sell these digital coins for real money using a crypto exchange.

Xbit Coin for Crypto Games

One of the coins that help gamers is the Xbit coin, which you can use to buy digital assets. It is specifically designed to create a revolution in the online gaming world. One of the best things about it is that there is a financial institution Casino Xbit behind this coin. It is not only designed to be used in the casino but also for online gaming. You can play thousands of games in the casino using this coin. It is one of the reasons that its price will go higher in the future. Because more people will buy it to play in the casino.

Furthermore, the coin is listed on many exchanges which makes it more credible. You can buy this coin directly from different exchanges like Counos Centralized Exchange, Emirex, Alterdice, etc. Furthermore, the total cap of Xbit coin is 1 billion which has already been mined and ready for use.

Benefits of Xbit Coin

There are so many ways in which the coin can benefit the buyer:

If you are an investor then it will be a great opportunity for you as you cannot only trade on different exchanges. But you can use it in an online crypto casino Called Casino Xbit. There are thousands of games available in the casino. That is the main thing that makes this crypto coin so unique for not the world of online casinos and gambling.

Furthermore, the coin represents shares of the casino. For example, if there are 800 million coins and the casino makes a profit of 8 million dollars, the share for each coin will be 0.01 dollars. The profit depends on the number of staked coins. If there are 200 million coins are staked, then the entire profit distributed will be 6 million dollars. The remaining 2 million dollars will be used to buy the coins back to increase their value. So, if you are an investor and want to earn a profit, then the best way is to stake your coins.

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