How Do I Choose The Best Umrah Package?

Choosing the best cheap Umrah packages isn’t difficult at all. However, it requires strategic booking techniques along with timely arrangements. If you are planning your trip with plenty of time to spare, you are more likely to get the best deals offering great value for money. On the other hand, last-minute Umrah travel and accommodation arrangements result in reduced options and higher prices.

So, to choose the best Umrah package, here are some things to consider.

Define Your Budget.

The first step towards an organized and hassle-free Umrah trip is to determine your budget realistically. What you need for your travel, accommodation, meals, and health expenses as well as what to keep spare for emergencies. For instance, an economyUmrah travel with mid-range facilities can cost you from £1,500 to £2,500 per person with an all-inclusive nature.

So, if you require a luxury travel experience, consider extending your budget.

Understand Your Requirements.

Understand whether an economyUmrahtravel would be best for you or if you need a more private and secluded travel experience with luxury services. In addition, determine your needs for the hotel accommodation, the type of airline you want to fly with, your cabin class, and your transportation needs in the Kingdom.

Once you’ve understood your requirements for Umrah travel, whether travelling alone, with family or friends; start looking for a reliable travel agency for its efficient execution.

Research Reputable Travel Agencies.

Find reputable agencies specializing in Umrah travel within your locality. Get recommendations, check their online reviews and visit different travel agents in person to get a detailed guide on the packages they have to offer.

If you want an even more personalized Umrah travel planning and overall experience, travel agencies may charge service fees ranging from £100 to £300 per person on top of the package cost for this exclusive service.

In addition, don’t forget to check the industrial associations, licenses and relevant memberships of your travel agent with the Umrah and Hajj travel authorities in Saudia Arabia to ensure their credibility and minimize the risk of fraud.

Compare Packages.

Compare the variety of package costs that your travel agency has to offer and then make an informed decision. Usually, the Umrah package starts from £1,000 per person and can go up to£3,500 or more i.e. depending upon the type of living and travel facilities opted for.

Check Visa Services.

Always buy an Umrah travel package that offers visa processing services included within the deal. Though the Umrah visa fee is around £60 per person, it saves you from all the paperwork and hassle of visa processing.


There are different accommodation options present for the pilgrims during their stay in the kingdom from 3-star economy to 7-star luxury. While the budget accommodations can cost you from £50 to £100 per night, luxurious options can go up to thousands of pounds per night depending upon;

  • Type of hotel and its rating.
  • Seasonality.
  • Type of room booked.
  • Availability.
  • Proximity of Haram.

Review Transportation Options.

For your local transportation needs in Saudia Arabia, whether you require it for the daily commute or intercity travel; bus, taxi, and shuttle service is available. While group travels are budget-friendly, you can also hire private cars for a higher price tag. Yet, consider a daily budget of £50 to £150 per person for transportation needs within Makkah and Madinah.

Seek Religious Guidance.

If you require religious guidance during your Umrah travel for the holy rituals, prayers, also comes with an additional fee of £50 to £100. Therefore, by paying this fee, you will be accompanied by religious guides and/or scholars throughout your pilgrimage trip for a seamless journey.

Read the Terms and Conditions.

Be aware of cancellation and modification policies associated with your booked Umrah packages. Some package types, usually budget ones, offer very limited cancellation and modification policies. On the other hand, premium ummah travel packages come with the flexibility of cancellation and rebooking.

Plan Ahead.

Booking well in advance can not only help you secure better prices but also have a wider selection availability because of low demand during the initial days? In addition, early bird bookings might offer savings of £100 to £200 compared to last-minute bookings because you can avail of many ‘first come, first serve’ benefits.

So, these are some of the things you must consider for choosing the best Last 10 Days Ramadan Umrah Packages.

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