How Do I Prepare For The PSM?

A Professional Scrum Master accreditation Training goes through the concepts and process theory that form the basis of the Scrum methodology and makes sure that students comprehend what the scrum & agile movements are all about.

You may require it for your current or future employment, or you may desire to become a Scrum Master. Take note! Expect not much benefit from this certification if you are new to Scrum. Ultimately, it is only a piece of paper, and without experience, it is almost useless. However, it is a foundation for demonstrating a working knowledge of Scrum and its guiding principles. While it is preferable to pass the test well, 85% will suffice. Here are a few pointers to help you get a comfortable score in PSM exam

Perform Your First Open Evaluation.

Visit and put your skills to the test with the open exam. Even if you haven’t heard of Scrum, do your best. Finish it as quickly as you can (10 minutes). Reviewing the answers is not advised if you can help it. You’ll be able to judge what you’ll study next more accurately. Print or download the outcome so that you have it for reference. If you’re genuinely trying to gauge how well you understand Scrum, it’s a good idea to forget the outcomes of any practice exams. Otherwise, if you try to recall everything, it will strain your memory, which could not be sufficient for the exam. Additionally, knowing the Scrum handbook will not be helpful. The majority of the inquiries test comprehension.

Look Through The Scrum Guide.

Review it at least several times after printing it. If necessary, write notes and highlight key passages using a coloured marker or pen. You may think of a Scrum Guide of the psm governing body as just the rule of law. Even though each phrase isn’t highly lengthy, each word was carefully chosen, and understanding the meaning is crucial. Almost nothing develops randomly. Give it your complete and undivided attention instead of underestimating it based on the number of pages.

Read And Print The Vocabulary For Scrum.

This paper is also crucial to ensure that you are acquainted with all the phrases you may encounter.

Make A Mental Map Or Summary Of Your Own.

Making your mind map, or whatever you choose, where you include the most crucial details you don’t want to forget, might be beneficial. Event timeboxes, for instance.

Retake The Assessment

If you can retake the honest assessment without consulting the correct or incorrect answers or using the Scrum Guide. Your score ought to have significantly improved since the last time. Retake the Open exam if you don’t obtain a decent score, and this time use the scrum guide to check up on the relevant texts. Take additional practice exams to improve. Other websites provide you with questions close to the “actual” ones you will see on the exam.


Are you feeling ready? You may now sign up to take the test as well as for the online courses. Before even beginning your preparation, spending $150 makes little sense. Why shell out cash upfront when you could discover that this isn’t what you were searching for?

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