How Do Lactation Support Snacks Help A First-Time Mom?

All across the world, many first-time mothers who are breastfeeding have a very common question, which is, “How Do I Increase Milk Supply?” Lactation can be seriously displacing, especially for new mothers, and you need to make sure that you can provide an adequate supply of milk to your baby while staying healthy and fit yourself. Lactation snacks are a great option to boost milk supply for breastfeeding mothers. 

While women who have previously had a baby are somewhat acquainted with the role of breastfeeding their babies and getting enough nutrition for themselves, new mothers need some time and guidance to adapt to this new role. There is a dramatic shift in lifestyle when you have a baby for the first time. This is when a mother needs to consume nutritious food to make sure she gets an adequate milk supply, and she stays healthy herself to take care of the baby. 

The Need For Adequate Nutrition  

Breastfeeding mothers need more nutrients than what they would have previously needed, even when they were pregnant. Finding time to cook and eat nutritious food can be difficult at times while taking care of the baby’s needs. Although, they cannot starve or deprive their body of adequate and proper nutrition. This is when lactation snacks can be a great option for new breastfeeding mothers or all breastfeeding mothers. 

Not just that, any breastfeeding mom would also recognize and acknowledge the mind-boggling hunger during such times. This is when you need to get something to eat and what can be better than easily available and ready to eat lactation snacks. 

How Healthy Lactation Snacks Help A Breastfeeding Mother? 

Several reasons make lactation snacks a hit amongst breastfeeding mothers. Lactation snacks like lactation cookies and lactation biscuits are easily available, ready to eat, and can be a nutritious source of food to curb hunger and boost milk supply. They are healthy, sustainable and do not have any bad side effects on you or your baby. 

A common question asked about these snacks is, “Do lactation snacks work?” 

The answer to that is, yes, lactation snacks work and can help a breastfeeding mother increase their milk supply for the baby. The primary reason for that is a key ingredient of such snacks is one or more galactagogues which increases your milk supply and also boosts your energy. 

The common ingredients of any good lactation snack would include: 

  • Brewer Yeast (provided B vitamins, selenium, chromium and protein).
  • Flaxseed (dietary fibers and omega-3 fatty acids) 
  • Oats (carbohydrates, magnesium and other vitamins and minerals)
  • Wheat germ (contains zinc that helps boost the immunity system of the mother and the baby)
  • One or more galactagogues. 

Final Thoughts 

Lactation snacks do not just boost milk supply but also provide a range of other nutrients for adequate nutrition of the breastfeeding mother. It can help them curb hunger and get some energy to work through the day, taking care of the baby without being exhausted. 

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