How do you improve the taste and experience of hookah smoking?

What is a hookah?

A hookah is a water pipe. In other words, when people say hookah, they are simply talking about a water pipe.

The word hookah is also used in different countries so when you come across a hookah lounge on vacation, for example, you know it is a bar where they also offer a water pipe service.

You smoke hookah tobacco from a water pipe. This type of tobacco is also called flavored tobacco because it is available in a variety of fruity flavors.

There are many flavors like hookah filter watermelon or apple flavor for example. To smoke the tobacco, you place a burning hookah coal on top of the water pipe which causes it to smolder. This then causes the tobacco to burn slowly and the hookah becomes smokeable.

Using hookah filters

A hookah filter is a mouthpiece that is placed over the end of a hookah pipe. The advantage of a hookah filter is that it significantly reduces the amount of tar normally inhaled while smoking.

This obviously makes for a better, more pleasant and healthier experience while using a hookah. By using the filter, the taste and overall experience of smoking is not reduced. Thus, you will still get the full experience.

In other words, you will continue to taste the full fruit flavor of the tobacco and the amount of nicotine remains the same.

How do we improve the hookah experience

Hookahs come in all kinds of different shapes and sizes, you can purchase a cheaper one if you don’t use them often..

These will obviously not work as well as a more expensive model. Furthermore, the quality of the tobacco you use for the hookah plays an important role in the experience and taste while smoking.

Thus, you can choose from the somewhat cheaper products or the more expensive and exclusive varieties, which are generally of better quality.

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