How is Drupal Quintessential for Blogging?

Drupal is the oldest Content Management System around. It was introduced in 2000 and has a market share of 4.7%. Hence it is the third most used CMS after Joomla and WordPress. Several bloggers use it around the globe. Drupal is an open-source CMS in PHP; hence it is quintessential for blogging. Let’s look at some of the features in detail offered by Drupal.

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Why is Drupal Quintessential for Blogging?


Any user can install and use Drupal without any additional charges. You can copy the code and change it according to your needs. Hence any blogger or developer can use it for free. Like most open-source software, the idea behind Drupal is to make it available to the general public. You can modify it to contribute towards the development of Drupal by sharing your modifications.


There are popular CMSs available today, among which Drupal is very flexible. Beginners get the opportunity to start with basic themes even if they have less experience in web design or development. In addition, it gives expert developers the ability to code their sites according to their needs. Such versatility makes Drupal a perfect CMS choice for most bloggers. However, Drupal is not suitable for beginners with completely no knowledge of website development. They will have to hire a developer to build their site on Drupal.

Strong community support:

Drupal is an open-source CMS; therefore, community support plays a significant role. While there are so many tutorials and helpful videos to access, an active community makes things easy and simple for users to immediately ask their queries. If they get stuck with a design element or a coding problem, they can easily get a solution. Drupal has been there for nearly two decades and has a huge user base. There are around 1000 developers and 600,000 users on the official community, making it quintessential for blogging.

Exceptional security:

Cybersecurity is a major concern for big as well as small site owners. As a blogger, you might have important information on your site. Someone can misuse the information if there is no website security. Drupal’s security team makes sure that all the security risks become minimal by placing extensive security measures on all framework levels. Drupal also provides best security practices to reduce security cases from affecting the blog site.

SEO friendly:

Recently SEO has become extremely significant for sites because of the increasing internet real estate. Since more people are starting their new websites on the internet each day, it is vital to keep the SEO factor in mind before building a blog. Drupal features a permalink to boost the site’s SEO ranking. Moreover, users can use Apache’s URL-rewrite to make user-friendly URLs for the audience and search engines. There are various ways in which Drupal has successfully proved to be quintessential for blogging by delivering blogs that rank higher on search engines.

Responsive themes:

Since the audience might spread across various screen sizes, it is essential to ensure that you use responsive CMS on your blog so that it can adjust to different screen sizes. Specifically, bloggers should have a responsive peremptory mobile phone. Drupal is mobile-ready so that your audience might not face any problems when observing your blog site on another screen size.

Updated regularly:

In order to provide the best CMS quality features and exceptional user experience, it is vital to frequently update the latest technology. Drupal is competitive in the CMS market since it offers regular updates for fixing known bugs or problems and delivering new features to customers. With such features, Drupal attracts a considerably large audience of bloggers. In addition, Drupal empowers a lot of websites for small and large businesses.

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