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How Much Does It Cost to Grind a Stump

You have finally had that ailing oak tree cut down, but now it’s only the tree stump that makes your landscape looks unattractive. After removing the tree from the yard, most homeowners don’t want to remove the stump without knowing it can even pose a hazard. If you don’t remove the stump, you’ll consistently have to mow around it.

But grinding the stump is one of the fastest and most efficient methods you can choose to remove it. Moreover, you can access the complete professional services of stump and tree removal in Sacramento, as the team will complete both of your work proficiently and promptly.

Stump Grinding Process:

It is an essential process for those people who recently have their trees cut down, as leaving them can cause more problems like:

  • Take over valuable planting space
  • Prone to tripping hazards in the backyard
  • Enable termites that can move into the house

In some cases, the trees start growing out from the back of the stump. If it occurs, it can cause difficulties and add hefty costs in the future. Therefore, consider removing the stumps sooner than later to avoid future expenses.

How Much Does Stump Grinding Cost?

The stump grinding prices vary depending on whether you do it yourself or seek professional assistance. Instead of doing it yourself, consider seeking help from professionals in tree trimming in Sacramento to carry out the work at fair prices. Grinding the stump yourself means renting a stump grinder machine which would be expensive even more than you think. Research shows that a national average cost for stump grinding falls between $100 to $400 per stump, with an average per diameter price of $3. Remembers that the final price will decide after considering soil type, stump quantity, and time to complete the work.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Stump Grinding

Numerous other factors are also there that can affect the cost of stump grinding, apart from the stump size, and those factors comprise:

Stump Type:

The stump type also affects the cost. The hardwood of trees like elm or hickory is denser than softwoods like palm and pine. If the hardwood of your stump is very thick, it will take much more time to grind than usual. Simultaneously the cost will increase if the professionals find it difficult to grind the stump.

Stump Quantity:

Most companies often reduce the cost rate if you have more than one or two stumps to grind. They only charge the entire cost for the first stump and cut down the price of the rest of the stumps to an average of $35 to $63.

Wood’s Age:

The age of the wood may also vary in the overall pricing. Over time, the aged wood has suffered from insects, unpleasant weather, and time, and these factors have weakened the wood, making it easier for the professional to cut it feasibly. If the stump consumes less time to cut, the cost to remove it will decrease.

Soil Condition:

Stumps located in tightly packed clay soil consumes much more time and are difficult to remove. It can add more numbers to your overall cost.

Debris Removal:

Stump grinding is complicated and requires a large team to handle it. Once the stump is removed, it leaves a large hole in the yard containing debris, which has to be removed. For that purpose, it will be beneficial if you hire professionals who are also dealing in landscape design in Sacramento. They will beautify the affected part by removing the debris and covered with a flower bed without compromising the yard’s curb appeal. It will add extra cost to your final stump grinding bill.

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