How much is car transport in the USA?

If you need to ship a car, be prepared to pay hefty fees. So far, the average cost of shipping a vehicle for a 1-300 miles trip is around $1.96 (or $588 for a 300-mile trip). The cost for medium distances (500-1500 miles) averages $.93/mile or $930 for 1000 miles. Long distances (1500+ miles) are about $.58/mile or $870 for a 1500-mile trip.

Factors like vehicle type and size, geographic location, and the distance your car travels will all impact the final price. To get an idea of what you’ll pay, we recommend contacting a broker or carrier to request a quote.

What is car shipping?

Shifting your car? Make sure to get the right moving service for the circumstance. Open transport is more cost-effective and only offers light protection, whereas enclosed transport is worth the extra expense if you need more protection or have a delicate vehicle. The enclosed car transport typically costs 30-40% more than open transport.

How do I get a car transport quote?

When you need to transport a car, the process actually has a few different facets. One is getting an estimate online via the transport company’s website. Another option is to call and speak with a customer service representative. When you call, make sure to mention in advance if you need an expedited pick-up or not.

The first step to getting a Military Car Shipping quote is knowing the car’s make. model, and year as well as the destination. If this information is available, you may be able to get an accurate price right away. Otherwise, for more accurate results, you’ll want to include the zip code of where the car will be picked up and delivered. The next thing you need to know is whether or not the car can be driven in reverse.

Overview of the car transport industry

There are three types of shipping companies that may help you ship your vehicle: carriers, brokers, and lead providers.

When you contact a lead provider, they’ll usually provide you with a list of leads (or potential carriers), based on your search criteria. You are then responsible for following up with the leads and contacting the ones that seem best for your needs and budget.

Carriers get your car from Point A to Point B. They pick up the car, do all the necessary paperwork, and drop off the vehicle at the destination. The first step is to find a carrier that will work for your needs. From there, you’ll need to work out the details and pay for the shipment. Finally, the car will be transported safely and soundly for you!

If you want to transport your vehicle, using a broker is the best option. There are many reasons why it’s better than the other two options. First and foremost, you have more car carrier options. You don’t have to be limited to one company; the network of brokers can find the best possible outcome for your vehicle.

When you need to ship a car, you are going to need an affordable carrier and a broker. A broker will find the best carrier for your needs and quote accordingly. You can leave all the logistics with the brokers and they will handle the rest with the chosen carrier.

Factors affects cost of car shipping


Cost to ship a car depends on the overall distance. Generally, the longer the distance, the higher the price. However, this is not always the case because per-mile costs are discounted for long-distance moves. You can find accurate transportation quotes with our car shipping calculator. Remember that international transport prices may be slightly different from domestic transport rates.


The route a vehicle will take to transport the vehicle is more complicated than just distance. The route includes highways and other roads that are traveled in order to transport the vehicle. In highly populated areas, the route may also include more traffic congestion. This can affect the amount of time it takes to make the trip and the shipping costs.

Shipping date

When you need to transport a car, it’s important to know the date your car will be shipped. You should book your car transport service as soon as possible to get the best rates, and plan your pick-ups accordingly. There are often cost savings if you’re willing to have flexibility around pickup dates, so always ask for a car transport quote with multiple options.

Vehicle make & model

When planning your car transport, we ask for the specifications. This will let the driver know how much space is required to safely secure your car and ensure the trailer height and side clearance are appropriate. If you have a larger car that requires additional adjustments, like a taller truck or slightly more space, the cost may increase slightly. If you have any modifications to your car, like larger tires or a roof rack, then it will cost more.

Car transport type

Most people shipping a car select open car transport, as it is the industry standard and cheapest way for car shippers to move your vehicle. For extra car shipment protection, we recommend using enclosed car transportation services that shield vehicles from weather and debris. Enclosed auto transport can increase the cost of car shipping, but is worth the peace of mind for delicate, exotic or luxury car transportation.

Vehicle condition

When shipping a car, the cost will depend on the current condition of the vehicle. If your car is running, you can get a better rate than if it’s inoperable. If it has the ability to roll, steer, and brake, there will be additional expenses to load it onto the carrier trailer.


When moving your car across state lines, it can be hard to find a good deal. That is why when we transport cars, we go above and beyond to find the best deal for car shippers of all types, including those living in small towns. If you live in a smaller town, you can opt to meet the trucker at a designated location for a less costly fee. This is also beneficial if you need your car to arrive as quickly as possible.


The cost for auto transport varies based on the time of year. For example, if you’re shipping your car to a warmer destination during snowbird season when people are traveling, you’ll pay more for auto shipping. To see the price for shipping a car, use our calculator. Try different dates to find the best price for your schedule.


Auto transport carriers are required to have liability insurance. They cannot offer cargo insurance freely, because it is not a legal requirement. But it is possible to work with an auto shipping broker to get the right coverage.

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