How Risky Can A Cardiac Arrest Become?

Ever wondered what would happen if your heart stopped beating? Your blood supply in the body would halt and within a few minutes, you would collapse and die. This is the medical state a cardiac arrest patient faces. It is estimated that 395,000 people suffer a cardiac arrest outside the hospital every year in the United States and less than 6 percent of those people survive.

Cardiac arrest is defined as a state of a medical emergency in which the heart stops functioning, leading to loss of breath and consciousness. The electrical malfunction in the lower chamber of the heart causes abnormal heart rhythms (arrhythmia) and results in cardiac arrest. Although there are no major warning signs of a cardiac arrest, a person suffering from a cardiac arrest can survive if the right medical treatment is received in time. Medical experts suggest doing medical procedures like cardiopulmonary resuscitation(CPR) by using a defibrillator readily available in public places.

A cardiac arrest stops the supply of blood throughout your body. Lack of oxygenated blood supply to the brain can make you unconscious and result in brain damage. Many survivors of cardiac arrest show signs of brain damage. Men diagnosed with erection-related diseases are at an increased risk of facing a cardiovascular problem like cardiac arrest. Taking medicine like Cenforce 100 and Viagra can prove satisfactory in treating erectile difficulties.

Are There Warning Signs Before Cardiac Arrest?

It is not easy to detect that you are about to experience cardiac arrest days or hours before the traumatic event occurs. However, the early signs of a cardiac arrest are usually the warning signs and a person should seek immediate medical attention to save their life. Some of the common warning signs of a cardiac arrest are as follows.

Discomfort in chest
Shortness of breath
Heart palpitations
Loss of consciousness
Rapid or irregular heartbeats
Dizziness or lightheadedness
Fatigue and weakness
Nausea and vomiting
Unexplained wheezing

Such symptoms should not be taken lightly, and one should seek immediate medical treatment to save their life.

Cardiac arrest manifests due to cardiovascular diseases like coronary artery disease that affect the blood vessels in the body. Some men are more prone to face problems getting and staying erect due to damaged blood vessels and nerves in the penile region. Medical experts usually recommend commonly available pills like Cenforce 100 and Viagra to treat erectile difficulty.

Who Is At Risk For Cardiac Arrest?

A cardiac arrest can occur at any particular age. Even children and adults in their thirties and forties with no sign of heart disease can get a cardiac arrest. However, the average age of cardiac arrest is 60 years. Some of the most common risk factors of a cardiac arrest are as follows.

Coronary artery disease: Coronary artery disease is a significant risk factor for a heart attack. Such a disease makes the arteries clogged with cholesterol, fat, and other deposits and reduces the blood flow to the heart. A person becomes more likely to experience erectile difficulty due to diseases that affect the arteries. Pills like Cenforce 100 and Viagra can help smooth blood flow in the penis to get an erection.

Congenital heart disease: Congenital heart disease is the leading cause of cardiac arrest in children and young adults. It occurs when a person is born with a congenital disability that affects the normal functioning of the heart.

Excessive smoking: Smoking is considered a major cause of cardiovascular diseases and increases the risk of cardiac arrest. Smoking makes the blood thick and increases the chances of clot formation in the bloodstream. Smoking can make the blood vessels shrink and narrow, affecting a man’s ability to get an erection. Taking a pill like Cenforce 100 can help get an erection by increasing the blood flow in the penis.

Inactive lifestyle: A person who lives a sedentary and inactive lifestyle is more likely to accumulate excessive weight and become obese. Such factors lead to increased blood pressure and cholesterol, which further increases the risk of getting a cardiac arrest. A person with high blood pressure and cholesterol is more likely to find it hard to get erect during intercourse. Tablets like Viagra and Cenforce 100 are widely taken around the globe to treat erectile difficulty.

Genetic factor: If a person suffers a cardiac arrest, the risk of getting a cardiac arrest for the other family members increases. This primarily happens due to the presence of genetic factors among cardiovascular diseases.

Drug or Alcohol abuse: The risk of getting a cardiac arrest increases with taking certain drugs like cocaine and consuming excessive alcohol.

CONCLUSION: Taking care of your health by eating a nutritional diet and exercising regularly can lower the risk of getting a cardiac arrest to a large extent. Medical complications like cardiac arrest are completely preventable if one only brings certain lifestyle changes. Consuming Cenforce 100 and Viagra pills should always be done under proper medical guidance.

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