How to Avoid Using Slang Words In Your Writing

At its essence, language is an array of agreed upon words and sounds that we attach meanings to. When you’re looking to communicate in any language, the name of the game is to make sure you’re effective, clear, and making yourself understood.

In this regard, writing in slang can do more harm than good for a number of reasons. People that want to strengthen their writing should work to reduce the use of slang at all costs.

Keep reading to learn more about slang words and how you can cut them out of your writing.

Expand Your Vocabulary By Reading More

Take the time to read every day so that you can develop the habit of understanding language and adding to your vocabulary. When you read on a regular basis, you’re taking the time soak in information that informs and entertains you. This way, you’ll pick up new words passively, and in context to several other words and passages.

Reading every single day will give you more reference points so that you can learn quickly and find words that can replace slang choices.

Vow to Learn a New Word Each Day

It’s important that you also go out of your way to expand your vocabulary. There are apps and websites you can look into that will teach you a new word every single day.

Make this the first thing that you look at when you wake up and the last thing before going to sleep. You can also glance at the list throughout the week so you can review the new information that you’re learning. The more new words you take in, the less likely you are to rely on slang phrases.

Notice Specific Words You Use and Look For Replacements

When you’re interested in getting rid of slang, you need to understand the words that you use the most. These are the slang words that slip into your writing habitually and without you thinking about it.

Once you know the words you use most often, you will be more likely to notice them and will be better able to replace them accordingly.

Understand the Importance of Cutting Out Slang Words

Finally, it’s also important that you understand the why behind cutting out slang. Knowing just how much it weakens your writing will prompt you to put the effort into avoiding it.

When you use slang, it makes your writing less authoritative, has more potential to be outdated, and alienates people that don’t understand. Check with a site like for more help with your writing.

Tighten Up and Improve Your Writing

As you can see, there are a number of ways you can get rid of slang words in your writing. The points in this article will help you out with this, and from there, you’re steps away from getting the absolute best out of your writing skill and talent.

Check out our other posts so that you can learn more about spicing up your writing and becoming a better communicator.

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