How To Bypass Android Lock Screen Using Camera

here are two things in the world that most individuals dread- World War III and forgetting their phone’s password. You know the panic you feel when your phone can’t detect your sweaty finger, and your brain doesn’t remember the password!

There are multiple methods you can use to unlock your device because of the numerous security loopholes. Just so that you don’t have to live this nightmare, read along to find out for the run-through of an easy process. Try this legit hackers for hire.

Hire a Private Hacker to bypass android lock screen

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Bypassing Your Lock Screen with Your Camera

Can you bypass your Android lock screen with your camera? Yes, absolutely! This “emergency feature” helps you potentially use your camera to unlock your security system. This function is just a bug that you can use to evade any security protocols.

Even if your phone is locked, Google includes a feature to allow users access to their cameras. Many users know about this feature and have figured out how to use it to bypass the Android lock screen. You’ll be able to use this feature and get access to the home screen.

Read all these detailed instructions below to crack the code on bypassing your lock screen with your camera!

Step 1

To begin, switch on the Android mobile phone you would like to unlock. Then click on the “Emergency Call” button.

Step 2

You will now be able to type a character sequence. For instance, add about ten asterisk symbols. After doing this, you will be able to pick the character you have added and highlight them.

Double-tap on the string to highlight all the asterisk marks. Further, push the “copy” option to, well, copy them.

Step 3                                                                

Click on the same field once again to paste everything you have copied. Continue copying and pasting characters until you’re unable to highlight them anymore. In short, after you complete 11 repetitions of that character, you will be unable to repeat.

 Step 4

You can now go to the lock screen again. Ensure that you swipe left to open your camera at that time. Further, please scroll down the notification slider to gain access to it.

Step 5

You will be able to access the “Settings” menu by clicking on the gear sign. After this, a password prompt will pop up on your screen.

Step 6

You can click and then hold onto the password region as soon as you see it. You will then see a popup menu come up on your screen. Simply pick the “paste” option. This option will paste everything you had previously copied.

Step 7

You must copy and then paste as many characters as you can. While you paste new characters, ensure that the cursor is at the end of the line.

Step 8

You should now go over all the preceding steps again, after which the system of your phone will crash. It will result in you finding out that all the soft icons aren’t visible.

Step 9

It is time for you to wait for your phone’s camera to crash patiently. After it crashes, the phone will expose its home screen to you.

That is an easy and accessible method for anyone who wants to bypass their android device through the camera. However, you must remember that this process doesn’t work with every android device. It’s likely that all Android six and later system devices might not get unlocked with this method.


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