How to Crack the Online ITIL®4 Certification Exam in 2022?

ITIL4 is the latest edition in the evolution of the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL). It assists organizations with all IT services models and helps IT teams to develop overall business strategy and digital transformation. If you are also interested in getting ITIL certifications, you need to clear multiple levels of exams that start with the foundation level exam and end with the ITIL Master level exam.

ITIL4 Certification Exam

The ITIL exam is an entry-level certification ITIL®4 to test the general awareness of ITIL concepts of the candidates. Getting through the ITIL Foundation exam is the only method to enter the universe of the service management industry. The questions of this exam are based on the ITIL service lifecycle, the key elements, concepts, and terminology used in the ITIL along with their contribution to service management practices. The exam is a closed book exam that consists of a total of 40 multiple-choice questions where you have to score at least 65% (26 questions) within the timelimit of 60 minutes, to help earn the ITIL Foundation Certification.

There is no single approach to prepare for the ITIL®4 Foundation Exam. You can study on your own or can jointhe ITIL4 Certification Online class. However, attending training is not mandatory, but it surely provides an extra edge when you meet experienced fellow participants and trainers to help you get extra knowledge.

Books for ITIL4 Foundation Exam

While studying ITIL there are a large number of concepts to be grasped. But you don’t have to cram and memorize them all. Rather understand the concepts and try to remember all the keywords. Simultaneously, develop the ability to relate these keywords with the concepts.

The most critical factor to passingthe ITIL4 exam is to take regular mock tests to help you become more familiar with these exams. You can also take the help of several books for the ITIL4 foundation exam. Some of the top books are:

  • ITIL4 Foundation Exam Full Preparation: Developed according to the official Exam Guide from ITIL to help you pass the actual ITIL Certification Exam, this book helps crack the exam on the very first attempt.
  • ITIL Exam Prep Questions, Answers, and Explanations:800+ITIL Foundation Questions with Solutions: This book is endorsed by the Association of Project Management (APM), which is the official accreditor of ITIL. Apart from 800 questions, it also contains 15 mock exams based on ITIL Foundation Exams.
  • Passing the ITIL Foundation Exam: This book is a fully updated version and inline with the ITIL syllabus and includes current exam techniques. The book is ideal for developing and understanding the basic concepts, along with a detailed knowledge of service management technology.
  • ITIL Foundation Exam Reference Book: The contents of this book clearly explain the ITIL lifecycle module in theeasiest manner. It uses various charts, graphs, illustrations, and real-life examples to help readers study on their own.

ITIL4 Foundation Exam Voucher

This exam voucher allows you to sit for the ITIL4 foundation certification exam online. Many third-party training providers resell the exam vouchers at a discounted rate than the listed price. Usually,the voucher price starts from a minimum of $314 and can be obtained from the various training institutes.

Most of these institutes include the ITIL®4costs of the exam voucher in the price of their training sessions. After you have registered with an institute, you will get the exam voucher with an exam code to redeem. The exam voucher is valid only for one month, so ensure that you are ready to take the exam before you redeem the code.

The exam can be rescheduled as many times as required, within the period denoted on the voucher. The exam vouchers can be extended for six months maximum, by paying a little fee. However, you can’t extend an expired voucher and will have to purchase a new one to appear for the exam.

ITIL4 Certification Requirements

The ITIL Expert Certification is offered by an accredited ITIL body and ispresent all over the world. Many of these bodies offer the course as well as the certification, while others may offer only accreditation.

ITIL offers various types of certifications based on a candidate’s experience. The first level is ITIL Foundation which is for beginners. The second level is ITIL Practitioner than ITIL Intermediate as third, ITIL4 Expert as Fourth, and ITIL Master is the last level.

A candidate, who wants to attain ITIL Expert level certification, must possess the ITIL certification or should have an equivalent bridge qualification. They are also supposed to acquire a minimum of 17 credits from both the ITIL Foundation level and Intermediate Level Modules.

After accumulating the required 17 credits and other complementary credits, a candidate then have to pass a certification known as Managing Across the Lifecycle (MALC) faculty, to make a total of 22 credits.  This qualifies them for ITIL Expert Level Certification.

Getting a certification in any of the five levels or all of the levels adds great value to your career.

Why ITIL4 Foundation Certification is in Demand?

ITIL4 Foundation Certification is in high demand as it exhibits varying degrees of specialization in a candidate’s profile. These are:

  • High-Level Competency Skill Set – ITIL certification makes a candidate more acquainted with IT infrastructure and makes them a better resource.
  • Better Job Opportunities:ITIL certification is worth an investment as it offers better jobs with higher-paying opportunities.
  • Prepares the Candidate for the Future:Being ITIL certified is safest and lets you stay equipped with the future. The skill-sets earned provide an option to choose from various roles within the organization providing you with a safe future.

Tips to Crack the Online ITIL4 Certification Exam in 2022

  1. Your study plan must be as per the prescribed syllabus.
  2. Answer all the questions as there is no negative marking.
  3. When coming across the phrase ‘best answer’, consider that there may be more than one answer.
  4. Never ignore the ITIL4 glossary.


Certification in ITIL can be an important milestone in your career path. If you want to prove your understanding of your IT work, it is worth getting ITIL4 certified by taking the ITIL course online.

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