How to incorporate a Dress Code on a wedding Save the Date

If you’re working on planning your wedding, making sure you stay on track may seem like a daunting task. But there are lots of ways to streamline the process — one of which is incorporating a formal dress code on your Save the Date magnets.

Below we will explore why dress codes can be helpful in wedding planning, as well as how to go about getting one designed for your Save the Date without compromising style.

Do you put dress code on save the date?

The answer to that question is a definite yes, assuming there is a party of any kind. Most coupes don’t put dress code on the save the date and it’s actually not a must. But it can be a great addition to the save the dates given that you want to send out any relevant information to your guests.

Where to include your Dress Code

If you are convinced to include a dress code on the wedding invitation design, then we have explained the details to make this process easier for you. You can get as creative as you want with this one, but you want to be sure that the details you include are not long winded and can fit on one or two lines.

Include your Dress Code on the lower left

There are several approaches you can take when you want to include your dress code on the save the date cards. The one you will pick will highly depend on the design of your card. One of the best places to include this information in a single sentence or few words is on the lower left of the card. In most designs, this is the place with the most space and more visible.

At the Center Bottom of the card

The other great way is to include the desired dress code on the center bottom of the card. At this point, you are supposed to write briefly what you want. In most instances, you can design it to include short words in a triangle.

Be Brief

When writing the dress code on the wedding save the date, make sure the details are brief. You can write something like ‘’Black tie’’ ‘’Dress Casual’’ or ‘’Cocktail attire’’. That is brief and has included all the necessary information needed at this point.

Specify the color

Besides letting your guests know how to dress to the wedding, it’s also important to include little details about the color. You can point some details such as ‘’Dress in White’’ or ‘’Brown suits, black ties’’. This will be equally important in letting the guests understand the theme of the wedding. If otherwise, you can just give details such as ‘’semi-formal dress’’. This way, the guests will easily know what you mean.

Consider a separate information Card attached

In some cases, people would consider a separate details card. The purpose is to include details about the dress code, the sitting arrangement, the venue, the reception, departure times etc. If you are considering to include a separate details card, then this is where you can add dress code details.

Alternative: Include the dress code on your wedding website

In some instances, couples opt to develop a wedding website specifically for communication and updates. In case you already have a wedding website, provide additional information such as the dress code. You can use this space to include all the information you need from dress code, to date, venue and a lot more. Elevate the occasion further by directing guests to your wedding website, where details are not only provided but the essence of sophistication is embraced, suggesting options like Del Toro Shoes for a refined touch to the celebration.

Dress code suggestions

You might be already convinced to add dress code on the wedding save the date and you know exactly where to include that information. The next thing to do is to check some of these wedding dress code suggestions.

White Tie

If you need a more formal wedding dress code, then a white tie would do it. Women can pick the full-length ball gowns and men can go with the long tail tuxedos.

Black Tie

Black tie is always a match for an evening wedding. Men can go with the tuxedos with black bow ties. Women on the other hand can pick the formal floor-length gowns. It’s equally important to note that you don’t have to wear black with black tie.

Semi-Formal or Lounge Suite

This is actually a step down in formality from the black tie. It is suitable for day time weddings that are semi-formal. It can go with classic suit or tux for men or floor length dresses for women.


Now you know how to incorporate a dress code on the wedding and exactly where that information should go. We have equally shared some wedding dress code suggestions that you can go with.

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