How To Keep Your Travel Photos Organized

Our memories with loved ones are like a bookshelf with many books arranged in an orderly fashion, with each book leading to another. The feeling of going through them is priceless. Pictures help you store moments that words may not capture. 

However, safely storing and organizing photos can feel like an extra responsibility, and digital copies can be prone to messy and chaotic cyber-storage. Traveling with a large group or just one other person, a shared travel planning app makes it extremely easy to share and organize photos. Do you experience this? This article will examine some of the best ways to organize travel photos. 

How to organize your hardcopy travel pictures

If you are a lover of loose-print photos, you would have many of them. Organizing your hard copy photos requires appropriate methods. If you follow the below easy-to-grab steps, you will be good at it in no time. 

Create a photo book 

Photo books offer one of the best ways to organize loose-print photos. You can arrange travel photos according to the year, place, or event location. After this arrangement, you can send it to a print house. 

Photo books are modern photo albums. Can you imagine when you had to entertain your guests or create a unique family moment? Photo books do the magic, invoking beautiful travel memories. Although commendable, photobooks have their disadvantages. They may not be accessible everywhere and every time because you’d need to carry them from one place to another physically.

Get a photo album

Photo albums are the best way to organize your photos. They differ from modern photo books, which print your photos on the pages. Photo albums offer one of the best methods of preserving your photos. They have acid-free papers and sleeves that shield your photos from dust. You can arrange your travel photos with photo albums according to the location or event. 

Create a scrapbook

Scrapbooks are small cardboard books where you can stick your pictures in an orderly manner. Scrapbooks allow you to use your creativity to build a beautiful picture album. You also get the opportunity to write the stories behind the pictures in the scrapbooks. Isn’t that beautiful? The creativity and opportunity to write your story make scrapbooks outstanding. You can include wristbands, tickets, or postcards in your scrapbooks. Scrapbooks allow you to design and organize your photos the way you like. 

Use aesthetic boxes

You can use aesthetic boxes to store pictures and photo albums. They provide a good harbor for photos and are easier to store on a shelf than photo albums. 

How to organize your digital photos

Organizing your digital photos may seem complicated, but you can do it. Smartphone cameras make it easy to take thousands of photos. With external storage options, the amount of them you can take is essentially limitless. 

But it becomes harder to locate a set of pictures when you have thousands of them. If not properly arranged, the storage can even seem chaotic and messy. Moreover, you may lose a beautiful picture if anything happens to your phone’s memory. 

These underscore the reasons why organizing digital photos are more important. Implement some of these ideas to organize your digital photos: 

Ensure your phone’s date and time are correctly set. 

The first step to organizing your digital travel photos is to set the time and date of your phone. That would allow you to sort your photos based on time and date. Most smartphones already save photos by date, so doing this helps complement this inbuilt functionality. 

Backup all your photos

Before organizing your travel photos, ensure that you back up all your photos. That would help store your photos even when damage occurs to your phone or camera memory. Also, organizing your travel photos, you may delete an important picture. Without proper backup, the picture may be irretrievable. 

Delete the bad pictures  

You may have a hundred pictures; the good ones would only be about 60 to 70. It is necessary to delete the blurry and dark ones or others you consider not good enough. That will depend on your judgment. But if you find it tough to do it yourself, consider seeking your friends’ opinions.  

Create a sorting system

Start by creating a folder on your phone or computer. Give the folder a name and move all the pictures you feel fall into that category. You can create a sorting pattern by vacation, event, or location for easy reference. You can also create subfolders under a folder. For instance, you can have ‘Jumeirah’ as a subfolder under a folder titled ‘Dubai vacation.’

Backup your folders and subfolders

You need to back up the folders and subfolders. It is advisable to store your folders and subfolders on a hard drive. Alternatively, you may save them on an online storage platform. That would enable you to access your travel photos anytime and anywhere. Online platforms may need a subscription at some point. Google Drive, DropBox, and iCloud are great platforms you can use. 

 Create beautiful digital albums

You can create beautiful digital photo albums with mobile apps or websites to make your travel photos look more organized and appealing. You can use platforms like SmugMug to create a beautiful digital photo album. 

Final words

Pictures bring back beautiful memories of things, places, and people. You can put a smile on people’s faces by sharing a beautiful travel picture. Using Bublup, share your organized travel photos with friends and families. You can do this when you have a guest. You can also open a social media account to post your beautiful travel experiences. 

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