How To Make Someone Commit To Rehab And Recovery To Overcome Addiction?

If you know someone that may be addicted, rehab is the best option for them at this point. We’ll show you ways to make them go even if it’s against their own will. We cannot allow anyone to continue their addiction to drugs or alcohol.

Doing so will allow them to continue down a path of self-destruction. It also opens the door towards creating a lot of damage to themselves and those around them. If you need information on the treatment you can get for someone you love, visit Ascendant at their website and learn more.

It may be a challenge to get someone we love to rehab. It can get to a point where forcing them may be the only option. Keep reading to learn the following tips on making sure that person can be able to get clean and live a healthier, more fulfilling life.

Emphasize with them

First, it’s important to understand and emphasize with someone. You want to be able to know what kind of things they’re going through. Listening to them and validating their feelings is a good place to start.

You want to understand them, even if they have no idea their substance abuse is the problem. You want to also arrive at the conclusion that their addiction can be a part of something greater. They may be suffering from mental trauma and have developed it to escape the pain.

It’s important that you open up and be caring to them. This goes for family members that you care for as well. Make sure you ask open-ended questions so they can process it in their minds.

Show them that you are trying to help them out in the best way possible.

Talk to someone who understands

In this context, you want to talk to someone that understands the issue of addiction. They will speak the language and understand the terminology. People who understand what you and the person you love who is going through know what’s going on.

They’ll give you an idea on what course of action to take and what to look for if they are reaching advanced stages of addiction. You’ll get the best advice from people that have worked with people that were addicted.

They can be substance abuse counselors, people who have beaten their own addictions, members of the clergy, or someone else pertinent to the situation.

Research treatment options in your area

With the intent of providing treatment to someone you love, researching available options is key. You’ll want to think about what their rehab goals are (assuming they want to do it). You can look at inpatient and outpatient options in your area.

For best results, inpatient rehab can be an excellent option. Outpatient options can work, but the success rate is not as high. Choosing the right rehab program for someone will depend on several factors including the location, cost, length of the program, and what kind of care they’ll receive.

Schedule an intervention soon

An intervention marks the beginning of someone turning around their life. The sooner you schedule one for the person you care about, the better. You’ll want to bring it to their attention that they’re dealing with a problem.

It’s also wise to involve multiple people including someone who has the patience to mediate a serious conversation. You want to explain to them why their addiction is more of a danger than they realize. Make sure this is done as soon as possible so they are in the right frame of mind to make a decision.

Keep in mind that there’s a good chance that they won’t make an affirmative decision. They may refuse or put off making a decision. Either way, it’s risky to do this.

It would be even better if they started a program sooner rather than later. Because anything can happen between the moment they say “yes” until they arrive at rehab.

Be compassionate

Compassion is something you’ll want to exercise at all times with someone you love. Remind them that you care for them and you want them to get better. Lead them to something better while understanding their struggle.

Even if they do refuse help, deep down inside they need it. They are just looking in the wrong place. Let them know that drugs are not the answer to their problems.

Also, it’s important to understand why they developed an addiction in the first place. Let them know that there are other options to dealing with them that don’t involve any kind of drug. Don’t be rude, angry, or aggressive with them or they will refuse to follow your wishes to get the help they need.

You understand the situation enough to know that you want to help, but need to be assertive enough whenever the situation arises.

When to use the ‘nuclear option’: Forcing them into rehab

If they are repeatedly refusing rehab, your best option would be forcing them. It’s something that you don’t want to do. Yet, you need to realize that their lives are on the line every time they satisfy their addiction.

Usually this happens if the person who is addicted is a minor. Another way is if it is ordered by a court if they are charged with a crime that stemmed from their drug use. Doing it on your own free will can be a challenge.

This can only happen if the person is proven to be a danger to themselves and others. Involuntary rehabilitation is required by law in several states. Research your state’s laws regarding this if they exist.

Final Thoughts

Rehab and recovery is essential for someone who is addicted. It is up to you to make sure that it happens. It involves someone you love and you want them to live the best life without abusing substances.

Make sure you follow the tips above so you can make this as quick and painless as possible. Sometimes, forcing them into rehab may be the better option if nothing else works.

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