How to Pack When Moving From a Large House

Moving can be one of the most exciting times in your life, but also one of the most stressful. You’re starting a fresh chapter, but at the same time, you have a lot of work to do if you want to get there.

Things can be even more stressful if you have a large house. You have more items to move, so it will take longer to pack and ship everything. And if you plan to hire movers, it costs more money.

So, are there any tips you can use to make packing for the move easier? Read the packing tips below to learn how.

Start by Decluttering

Living in a big home can lead to accumulating a ton of stuff. Many belongings may sit in a closet or other area, never to see the light of day.

Moving is the perfect chance to declutter and remove the stuff you don’t need. Inventory all unused items and donate or throw away the things you don’t want anymore. Doing so will reduce clutter and simplify your move.

Make an Inventory

The next part of making a big move is to determine which items you’re taking with you. You don’t want to leave important things behind, so make a list of everything you’re bringing with you.

Do this with an inventory. As you look through your stuff, mark down the important items you can’t do without. As you pack, mark each item off in your inventory to note that everything is packed and ready.

Organize and Label

Throwing items into random boxes without organization may create a nightmare situation when you’re unpacking at your new home. You likely have things you want to unpack first, so it pays to make those things easier to find.

Organize and label all your stuff. Take time to separate boxes by room and label items in the box. Doing this will help you quickly unpack and ensure everything reaches the correct rooms.

Pick Proper Packing Materials

The right packing supplies will ensure your items get to your new home in one piece. Some items may be more fragile than others, so the right material will keep them from moving around and breaking.

For example, take glass items. You can search for the best bubble wrap sizes for moving glass items and use them to protect glassware and similar items. Research the best material for each product and use it where appropriate.

Pack a Large House Carefully

With an abundance of stuff and the potential for a lot to go wrong, packing a large house for a move is a huge undertaking. You need to minimize the chance of leaving important items behind and pack everything in a way that gets everything to your new home in one piece.

But if you create a plan when packing and taking care of your things, you’ll find your household move will go much easier. Follow the moving tips above to ensure you don’t run into problems when packing for a move.

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