How To Play Bitcoin Blackjack

Players universally acknowledge the excitement of the casino game of blackjack, and it is guaranteed to increase your bankroll. This popular casino game has seized the hearts of many players due to its simplicity and elegance. As such, even in this era of online casinos, blackjack remains one of the most popular online games.

Taking a step further along this route of development is the introduction of Bitcoin blackjack. This is a type of blackjack that’s played with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and more. It offers all the blackjack variants that traditional online blackjack offers, making it quite the subject of interest.

Bettor’s interest in Bitcoin blackjack is growing as awareness of Bitcoin, and other crypto-related topics rise. So, the information in this article will serve as a much-needed tutorial for playing crypto blackjack.

How does Bitcoin Blackjack Work?

Crypto Blackjack replaces the dealer with virtual software that also deals cards to the players. In the case of a live BTC Blackjack game, a real-life dealer takes the place of the software. Bitcoin Blackjack is also played with a single deck of 52 cards, although some sites might offer the six-deck version. 

The dealer starts the game by dealing two rounds of cards to the players, both of which will be face-up. They will deal themselves two cards as well, but only one will be kept face up. 

Following this, the players will employ various strategies to determine the dealer’s hands. Thereafter, the dealer can hit them (give them an extra card), or they can stand and get no extra cards. 

While hitting, players can also decide to double their wager (double down). Players can also offer a similar wager and split their cards if the odds call for it. 

When the odds are against them, the BTC Blackjack players can also choose to surrender and lose half their stake. When the dealer gets a good hand, the game comes to an end, and everyone’s hands are totaled. 

Players with a lower score than the dealer lose their bets, and those that tie with him retain their stake. The winners are those that score higher than the dealer without going over 21. 

A Guide to Playing Bitcoin Blackjack

You’ll have no trouble switching to crypto Blackjack if you’re used to playing standard online blackjack. Playing BTC Blackjack involves a series of simple steps that can be completed with ease. 

These simple steps include the following:

  1. Select a Suitable Cryptocurrency Betting Site

This is arguably one of the most important steps in playing Bitcoin Blackjack. A player’s choice of a crypto betting site can influence their online gaming experience and the fun that they’ll have. 

Stakers can use the following tips to choose an appropriate cryptocurrency betting site:

Choose a Licensed Staking Platform

A good gaming experience is assured when the gaming site conducts itself honestly and offers fair odds, alongside other positive qualities. However, a betting website is unlike a physical casino that bettors can supervise. 

Playing on those platforms means that you’re trusting the site to conduct itself honestly, but who can assure that? As such, the regulatory bodies that can ensure the fair conduct of these platforms have been instituted. These bodies ensure that those sites follow responsible wagering procedures and comply strictly with punting laws. 

A site that’s been approved is issued a licence from that regulatory body. This shows bettors that they can trust that site and utilise their services without fear. So, you should always go for a licensed crypto-betting platform.

Some of the most popular regulatory bodies include:

  • Alderney Gambling Control Commission
  • Gibraltar Regulatory Authority
  • United Kingdom Gambling Commission


All crypto wagering platforms offer their players bonuses such as welcome and deposit bonuses. However, there’s a difference in the value of the bonuses that are offered to players. Simply put, some bonuses outperform others. 

So, it’s best to determine which cryptocurrency wagering site offers the best bonuses before selecting one. You should also note that these freebies come with their terms and conditions. You won’t be able to use the bonus unless you can satisfy those requirements.

Supported Cryptocurrency

Some websites might not accept Bitcoin, despite being the most widely used digital currency. So, making sure that your preferred cryptocurrency site accepts BTC is a given because crypto is primarily needed to play Bitcoin Blackjack. 

Customer Support

The best Bitcoin Blackjack platforms offer reliable customer support and various customer support channels. Players who receive timely answers to their questions from dependable customer support can quickly return to their games. 

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