How to Recharge IGet Vape?

The IGET Vape is a disposable vape device that is not created to be recharged. I’ve seen examples of people taking apart the vape and attempting to charge the device leading to fires and severe damage. These are disposable batteries meant only to be used once and do not have the ability to be recharged and doing so will not be beneficial. Recharging the device will also not prolong the life of your Iget vape as the designate number of puffs is largely tested with the device and aligned with the battery capacity and e-liquid inside. Even if you do recharge the battery there won’t be sufficient e-liquid within the device to provide you with more puffs.

It is suggested that when your Iget device flashes it signals it’s time to replace your Iget vape and not to purchase a new one. Use beyond this point is not recommended and may cause battery leaks and endanger one’s health.

The wide variety of IGET products available means that you are able to purchase Iget vapes with larger battery capacity and e-liquid to ensure the longevity of your device and perfect for times when you won’t be able to purchase one readily.

The Iget bar we offer fulfills this requirement as it contains 3500 puffs with 12ml of e-liquid our largest Iget product lasting you weeks depending on the frequency you use the device a great alternative and gives you peace of mind.

What is the IGET Bar?

The IGET bar is our latest product from IGET we have increased the capacity to 3500 puffs listening to you our customers who have requested a larger tank. The IGET bar was created with the everyday vaper in mind their needs are definitely different from those of an occasional vaper as they require large tanks and familiarity which means from the first to last puff the experience is very similar. We’ve been able to achieve this by creating a tank that holds 12mL of your favourite e-liquid with a slightly large size to allow for new coil systems and firing mechanics. We’ve also added 2 additional flavours for our everyday vapers to try making sure your experience is always new and exciting. Our new product is not only larger in quantity but contains a larger battery to ensure bigger vapour clouds as well as improved flavour. It has a larger capacity but still contains our compact design language, guaranteeing great daily use whilst still offering a nice fit in your pocket or handbag! The IGET bar was created with the everyday vaper in mind,

Advantages of IGET Bar

  • The IGET bar provides a larger capacity which means less time worrying about replacing your vape and more time enjoying it
  • New flavours – ice cream and cola ice! But also available are the staples check it out!
  • New coil system as we’ve increased the body size allowing for a greater vaping experience which I’m sure you’ll all appreciate.
  • New shape although wider it fits comfortably in your hand, made with texturised rubber allowing for good grip and feel.
  • The IGET bar also comes with a new coil system 1.2ohms which enhances the vaping experience


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