How to Rewrite My Essay: Step-By-Step Guide

In today’s digital era, it’s important to realize that the originality of content can easily be compromised. You might have taken the time to write your essay with the help of online resources only to realize that it is not as original as you thought. However, this does not mean that you have to work on the assignment all over again because you can always turn to reliable experts and ask themcorrect my paper”.

What’s more, it’s possible to restructure your essay without professional help if you know what to do. Once you discover that you might have plagiarized some of the sources you used to work on your essay, the next step is to find out how much of the essay you need to rewrite. It might feel like you’re doing the work all over again, but remember that it’s better off to submit quality work because it gives you peace of mind and the confidence to claim it as yours.

Without further ado, here is a comprehensive guide to help you rewrite your essay.

Begin At the Paragraph Level

If you identify reliable essay writing sites but realize that you cannot afford their services, it’s okay to edit the essay on your own. The first step is to edit the paper at the paragraph level because this is the surefire way of clearing out any plagiarism. And aside from changing the wording of the sentences, you can also change the order of your paragraphs. Just make sure that you don’t interfere with the intended meaning of the essay.

Remember to replace compromised words with their synonyms so it doesn’t seem like you copied content word for word from online sources. Take your time when making alterations because you can easily water down your work without knowing it. You want to make sure that despite the changes you’ve made, the essay has the same impact you intended.

Consider Quotations

Since quotations have to be copied word for work, it goes without saying that they might be highlighted as plagiarized. So, as you edit your essay, consider reducing the number of quotations you include in your paper to avoid any plagiarism claims.

Go to the Sentence Level

Now that you’ve edited your essay at the paragraph level, you can proceed to do any editing at the sentence level. Begin by eliminating any phrases which don’t contribute to the overall meaning of the essay, yet are compromising the originality of your work. Next, find out how you can reword sentences that have been flagged as plagiarized to make your work more original. You might even need to conduct some research to ensure the information you write in place of what you initially had corresponds with the rest of the paper.

Read Through the Paper

After such thorough editing, it’s important to go through your paper to ascertain that it’s meaning has not changed. You should read your essay out loud because you’re more likely to catch errors when you hear the sentences out loud.

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