Importance of Stories in a Child’s Development

Stories entice everyone. Stories for kids take us to a completely different world of imagination and curiosity. They introduce us to a lot of fancy characters of which we tend to adore some and dislike some. In a nutshell, stories portray the attributes of our own personalities through their fancy characters. Moral stories in English convey a lesson and speak volumes of how we should mould our characters to become responsible individuals.

Stories for kids are loved not just by children but adults enjoy them too. Due to this reason, selecting good reads is essential to impart moral values and virtues among kids. As adults, there are dozens of stories that we might have read. It is therefore our responsibility to read out stories that impart moral lessons to kids. Giving your child the perfect fusion of different genres of stories for kids can aid in their development during the formative years of learning. Here, we shall discuss the importance of stories for kids and how they play a vital role in your child’s development.

Why are stories for kids beneficial?

Stories for kids play a vital role in shaping the personality of children. It is important that they should read moral stories in English and other genres to acquaint themselves about different characters and impart basic life lessons in an interesting manner. Here are some points on why you should let your child read stories for kids:

  1. Boosts Linguistic Power

When a child reads stories for kids, it improves their linguistic power. They come across new words, phrases and sentences. This helps in building their vocabulary and also enhances their sentence formation skills.

  1. Increases Imagination

Stories are of different kinds. There are some true stories whereas there are some which are completely delusory. When children read stories for kids, they are driven to a whole new world of new and fancy characters, and also get exposed to different types of emotions. Thus, reading stories develops a sound imagination in the minds of the readers.

  1. Encourages Creativity

Creativity fosters mental growth in children and gives them fresh ideas and boosts their thinking power and imagination skills. Young readers who read stories for kids get exposed to creative writing as they read different kinds of stories with interesting plots. Hence, we can safely say that reading stories for kids also encourages creativity skills among them.

  1. Promotes Healthy Reading Habit

Reading stories encourages children to inculcate the habit of reading. As they read new stories, a good habit is inculcated that boosts their enthusiasm and makes them crave to read more and more good books.

  1. Boosts Cultural Ethics and Lifestyle

When children read stories for kids, it creates awareness in them about different cultures and lifestyles. It keeps their minds linked to how a society works and what are the different cultural customs and practices that are followed by different people and they also learn to distinguish between good and bad deeds. Hence, stories promote an in-depth understanding, admiration and respect for other cultures and traditions. Given above were some of the reasons why reading stories for kids are beneficial when it comes to your child’s overall development. Do you want to delve into multiple genres of stories for your kids? You can explore BYJU’S Kids Learning section and read moral stories in English, bedtime stories, fairy tales, Panchatantra stories, etc. which we are sure your kids would love to read.

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