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Addiction to anything is not worth it. In the current scenario, many people around the world are addicted to things like alcohol, drugs, tobacco, cigarettes, etc. There are warnings over the packet itself about how much harm that product can cause. Still, the addiction does not let anyone get back on track. They are just in need of these toxic things. Once on their radar, they can not stop themselves from getting a drink, or drug dose. These drugs have ruined many lives. This product firstly makes one addicted to itself. Then slowly and steadily kills the person. Destroys a life within a short span of time. Those who are addicted can to these things, can only be safe by getting away from them at the right time. The right time is as soon as possible. But getting rid of this addiction is not easy for the addicted. The craving is all over the body and not just the mind. This issue can be resolved with the help of a faith based recovery program. A type of rehab that is addiction recovery can also be termed as de-addiction.

faith based recovery program is based on overcoming the craving of the addicts. This treatment is psychological with some medical help. There are different types of therapies for addicts. The mind is trained in such a way that the overcoming feel from these addictions can be more powerful when compared to the craving feeling. It helps the person come to his senses and be strong enough to handle himself, in terms of his psychological powers. The trainers or leaders of this program are knowledgeable about spirituality, and discussions about the soul are there in the sessions to make addicts aware of life. It helps them in developing self-control. The usual medication involves drug withdrawal, craving withdrawal, and withdrawal of the product they are addicted to. The therapy sessions are sometimes on topics that are important in long life and help addicts to get distracted from the drugs, alcohol, and things like that.

Feel of shame

These addicts when learning so many spiritual lessons, start having doubts about themselves. They feel disheartened about their mistakes. They feel worse about the addictions they have got. This realization hits very hard when it comes to an individual. It brings with itself a feeling of shame. It is worse a person can feel. It demoralizes an individual. The trainers host some sessions for the recovery of all such stages. Religious scripts are offered to read to the patients. Meditation is also a key aspect. It helps the person in getting stabilized. Self-confidence is important for an individual. Retaining it in a person’s life is having of prime importance. This faith based realization program is not just developing the realization but also retaining an individual’s self-respect.

Unity in community

This type offaith based recovery program is usually run in vast communities. A person is with different people having the same issue to solve. The patients are observed individually. They are given individual counseling sessions on the basis of their behavioral changes. The community helps them not to feel like they are alone in this. It helps them in living a life with same minded people. There is a sense of fight among everyone, fight for themselves, fight from this addiction, fight to lead a better life. Even after being in a community, their individuality has to be maintained. The reason is that every member in the program is not necessarily suffering from the same issue as the other ones. They are getting therapies altogether but still, they have to be looked around on an individual basis. These problems among them have to be resolved. After getting out of the program there must be a confident and a more mature person as an output.


The medication also plays a crucial role in these cases. There are specific doses that are utilized in this kind of treatment. Though, the person is not treated completely on medication. That is what the name suggests. It saysfaith based recovery program. There have to be many more things besides just medication. The emotional side of the patients is endeavored to be controlled from these medications. It is sought that their focus is removed from the drug. Get patients rid of the addictions they are having. Their cravings are controlled through these doses. Every dose works differently, the way of consumption is different.

Doubts about program

There are family members who doubt this faith based recovery program. They feel that this program is not working completely on medication. People think that spirituality lessons would not let their family members in getting away from the addiction. Well, that is so not true. This program has helped millions of people around the world. These religious thoughts calm down the mind. The spiritual vibes and powers help one in fighting with their habits which are destroying them. It makes out bring the inner powers which will be able to overcome the addiction. This program helps in teaching life lessons that are not present as any specialization in a university or a college.

Getting better with time

Faith based recovery program is not specific to a particular time. Every individual is very different among the community. They are observed among different circumstances. The situations in which they can lose themselves and would not be able to overcome their fears. Every individual is cured differently. The situations in which they got addicted to a drug or alcohol were different for everyone. The root cause is also discussed in personal counseling sessions. The inner self of every individual is determined to treat them. The nature that has developed over years due to the addiction has to be cured as well. For living in a society one’s nature plays a chief role. People judge others based on this. Addicted does not remain in senses, even they do not know what kind of behavior they are having in the society. They do not know how people are judging them.

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