Insight Into The Different Types of Esports Bets

Did you know you can make money playing competitive video games? It’s called betting on esports, and it has become incredibly popular. The first step of getting started is learning everything about the different types of esports bets. 

Some people think that esports betting is similar to sports betting, such as soccer and basketball. That is not the case. Although it’s similar, there are distinguishable differences. 

If you are new to eSports betting, we recommend keeping things simple by betting on some of the classic eSports games. Try these bets to get started, then move on to more complex types of esports bets. 

Types Of Betting Options In eSports. 

Esports betting is a niche that has allowed competitive gamers to enter the market. Often these esports games offer action, adventure, and entertainment, making it the perfect asset to an already active gambling market. Like most game and sports types, this category comes with some unique betting options. Below are some of the most popular bet types in esports. 

Match Winner 

This is the simplest and most common eSports bet. Just like you bet on the winner of a soccer match, you can bet on which team or player will win, from Dota 2 to NBA2K.

Outright Betting 

Most esports betting sites allow you to bet on the outright winners of various esports tournaments. Whether it’s The International, Dream Hack or Overwatch League total bets, this type of bet is trendy. You should be able to bet on the outright winner well before the tournament or even after the tournament has started.

First Card 

Most bookmakers allow users to bet on individual map winners of eSports games. Users with a good knowledge of the team’s card pool can have a slight advantage in these types of bets. When it comes to MOBAs, it all boils down to the draft. However, in most cases, bets are closed once the draft begins. Before setting your wagers, assess the team’s style of play and approach to the game.

First Kill/First Blood 

First kill or first blood often has a special meaning in esports games. Winning a pistol round can give the winning team a huge advantage, and in MOBA, First Blood offers Gold AdvantageandExperience Advantage. An early lead can have a big impact in the early and mid-game. Teams with aggressive play styles and players known for their pistol skills often have an advantage.

Betting on Total 

Unlike regular Moneyline bets, you are betting on specific stats of the game, such as: 

  • Total maps played
  • Total kills
  • Total points 
  • Total rounds

This is sometimes called an over-under (or over/under or O/U) bet. Determines whether a particular statistic is above or below the displayed amount.


After the explosive growth of the esports betting industry over the past year, there are many other types of betting that are specific to individual games or specific tournaments. We have, and will continue to do for the foreseeable future.

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