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Instagram ideas – how do you create a unified stream of images?

What kind of image do you want to create and what kind of things describe your brand? Are you colourful sprawling or knowledgeable and stylish? How does this show up on your own Instagram profile with the help of local SEO agency?

What kind of image do you want to create and what kind of things describe your brand?

If you’ve thought about the content in advance through repetitive themes, for example, you can constantly build up your own image bank when you know what kind of images you’re going to publish.

Are you colourful, flashy or knowledgeable and stylish? Instagram is a channel whose functionality is easy to analyse with outside eyes – what pleases your own eye visually feels competent in your own eyes. But is your opinion the most important thing in marketing? It’s definitely worth investing in good pictures, but the most important thing is the story we want to tell in our pictures.

I’ve put together in this release a variety of ways to take advantage of Instagram more visually, meaning the listing is done purely from the layout above. Pick the best tips for your own use from the examples, but always remember your own differentiation factors and how you bring them out on your own channel!

Influencer selection – uniform with a “look & feel” filter

In Instagram, “Instagram makers” working in influential marketing prefer a unified and harmonious style. These highlight a similar image style and colour combinations. Often, an image filter is used to give a neatly similar feel to images.

Grab a tip by a top SEO service for your own use: you can create unity with your own images with the selected image filter or repeating colour.

Colour flows

These wonderfully colourful examples also illustrate the colourful side of Instagram. Everything doesn’t have to be greyish 🙂

Grab a tip for your own use: If your brand is colourful and distinctive, bring it up on your profile as well.


Continuity through images

This type of image stream already requires a little more design, but the idea is power stylish. The images continue like a puzzle and merge into a big picture.

Grab a tip for your own use: Try splitting individual images into several parts, posting a novelty or an important story that consists of several images. A handy app for splitting images, for example, is 9square for Instagram.

Unified “grid” or image stream styling

These styles are visible to experts in use. The idea is recurrence, colour unity, and storytelling.

Grab a tip for your own use: This method works when you think about publishing content in advance. You can repeat these themes in series of three images, or so that each image is a continuum or a recurring theme.

Inspiration from food photos

This example on the left, Reynolds Kitchens, was last updated in 2016. But the sleek implementation has survived on Instagram and once garnered a sizeable number of followers.

Grab a tip for your own use: Food photos themselves are a popular theme on Instagram, so you can take tips for your own food photos from these accounts;)

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