Is a diploma in law good to choose in 2023?

Obtaining a law degree can help you achieve lucrative job profiles beyond the legal profession. Let’s take a look at the popular job profiles that you can apply for after completing law courses in Singapore.

  • Trading standards officer – This job profile is available within trade organizations that involves a wide array of functions including consumer safety, product labelling, animal welfare and commercial fraud.
  • The primary responsibility for this job profile is to understand what is an adjustment of status. The process that you can use to apply for lawful permanent resident status (also known as applying for a Green Card) when you are present in the United States.
  • Stockbroker – the primary goal of this position is to look after the clients’ investments, as well as make decisions regarding buying and selling shares on the stock market on their behalf.
  • Political risk analyst – to land a position you must be efficient at examining issues related to human rights, trade governance and global economic conditions.
  • Patent attorneys – these are trademark attorneys who are capable of leading companies and individual investors through the patent-obtaining process, moving on to take accurate measures to enforce investors’ rights.
  • Human resources officer – this employment option includes responsibilities that can cover a full range of HR-related work such as recruitment and retention, negotiation with external work-related agencies and refurbishing the conditions of employment.
  • External auditor – The primary goal of this job profile is to provide businesses with a clear picture of their overall performance by examining financial records, in addition to identifying and managing risks across all areas of business.
  • Civil service administrator – this job title deals with handling complaints and inquiries efficiently from members of the public, producing high-quality reports and ensuring information is shared with relevant agencies and stakeholders.
  • Advice worker – These professionals are accountable for offering advice in a range of ways such as a web chat, e-mail, telephone or face-to-face appointments, to help clients resolve their issues and move forward.
  • Solicitor – you can find this position in any industry from the public sector, and commercial organisations to law firms and in-house businesses, where you are required to draft and prepare letter work on behalf of clients in tune with other legal documents.
  • Paralegal – This is a type of advocacy job where you can showcase your expertise in writing and proofreading legal document draughts, conducting legal research, building valuable relationships by networking with clients, taking witness statements and writing articles for external or internal circulation.
  • Licenced conveyancer – these specialists help clients in buying and selling the property and assist with all finance, administration, legal matters and queries related to property transactions.
  • Costs lawyer – these exports are specialised in the legal costs field and work towards resolving cost-related issues between parties and analysing public funding or legal aid regulations to advocate cost assessments.
  • Company secretary – The primary responsibility for this job profile is to ensure that a company is operating in accordance with international rules and regulations.

The internship and early-stage employment opportunities that you can acquire with a Diploma in Law from Singapore can help you gain substantial experience in this business sector and be part of a wide array of legal practices. Apply now!

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