Is It Better To Rent An iPhone Than To Buy It?

Everyone has been there excitedly waiting to get the latest version of the Apple phone, only to stop after looking at the price. You’re always looking out for offers to buy yourself an iPhone at an affordable price. But now, you can get the best of all the worlds if you decide to rent an iPhone.

Renting an iPhone is the same as leasing a house or a car at a fixed prearranged cost. There are options today to receive the benefits without sacrificing your entire monthly salary. So, lease the luxury with the cost-friendly possibility available today!

What Do You Get by Renting an iPhone?

The question should actually be, “What can’t you get if you lease an iPhone?”

With a swooping share of 23.8% of the market, Apple has gained the crown of the leading smartphone vendor. The striking and innovative customer-friendly features will ensure that Apple stays at the peak of the consumer’s preferences. And it’s evident for you to be a part of the elite citizenry.

By renting an iPhone, you get to:

  • Upgrade the phone as and when necessary without having to pay extra.
  • Pay as low as $ 32.85 in a week, even for the latest versions in the market.
  • Keep up with your choices without having to worry about your credit score.

You receive the benefits of a new phone at every upgrade in your rental terms without ever having to worry about accessories.

Tips to Choose the Right Handset

You have narrowed it down to getting low-cost, flexible and short-term access to the iPhone. As such, you can figure out the handset model with some requirements in your mind!

  • Latest or Basic: The objective of your rent will decide the model of your iPhone. So, if you’re planning to hand it over to your staff, it’s better to invest in a mid-range phone. However, if you want to lease it for yourself or a productive position in your business, the latest option is the best.
  • Usage: One of the most lucrative aspects of the iPhone is its productive versatility. You can choose to manage projects or curate galleries for exhibitions with it. And if you have a particular task in mind, you can select the model according to its expertise.
  • Additional Charges: It would be wise to calculate the smartphone rental plan in advance to know if you have to pay extra charges. Renting an iPhone has the same issues as any other kind of leasing. Damage beyond normal usage can make you pay more as per the agreement.
  • Buyout Fees: So, you have liked using the iPhone so far. As such, it can be great news if your rental agreement involves an option for you to buy it at the end of your tenure. Although, keeping in mind the fine print of the contract before making it your upfront is always a good option!

iPhones are upgrading their models and technology like the weather. It’s almost impossible to keep up with the latest version unless you don’t mind parting ways with a considerable sum of money. But, when you rent an iPhone, the benefits and features of the smartphone are always with you without the added responsibility of ownership. Hence, it’s high time you spring into action and rent yourself one with this hassle-free procedure,

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