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Is It Safe to Have Glass Doors Around Kids & Pets?

Frameless glass doors and windows are trendy, but they can come with added security concerns. If you have toddlers and pets, you may worry about their safety when using glass doors. Modern glass panes and designs are optimized for everyday use and feature security enhancements. The panes feature tempered glass and laminations to prevent breakages and dangerous sharp shards.

Here’s more about keeping your glass door safe for kids and pets:

Install Safe Glass

When planning to install frameless glass doors, review the type of glass and choose a safe choice. Residential glass doors should either be laminated or tempered. Laminated glass doors are strong enough to withstand the force of hard objects or a child banging on the glass. Tempered glass doors are also treated with heat and pressure and are stronger than laminated options

Laminated and tempered glass panes are designed to prevent the material from shattering into long, sharp shards that can cause serious injuries. Tempered glass will break into cube-like granulated parts without sharp edges. Laminated glass can shatter, but the pieces are firmly held with a strong adhesive.

Choosing safe glass options is the best way to protect your children and pets from potential harm. There’s a much better chance that no one will be injured, even if the force is strong enough to break the glass.

Consider Adding Sliding Locks

Adding a lock can secure the panes if you have sliding doors, preventing your children or pets from opening them. Forceful opening and closing can weaken the seams and sills or even cause breakage.

You can install locks at the top of the door where the sliding glass meets the stationary pane. The extra lock complements existing locks to prevent children from opening the door. Only adults can reach the top lock. Your child won’t be able to jimmy the door open.

The best sliding door locks feature multiple locking positions. You can lock the door when completely closed or at a second position to allow for ventilation. Locking the door in place prevents any shaking or wobbling movement that may cause damage and injuries. Choose professional glass door and window installers that can guarantee premium quality products and services. You can ask your glass door installer to add the lock as part of the installation service.

Use a Security Bar

A security bar offers a way to keep your sliding glass door from sliding or jumping the track. There are various security bar types, so you can easily find one that matches your glass door.

Security bars are placed in the sliding glass door track and mounted with screws on one end. The bar can swing in or out of position, but your toddler won’t be able to maneuver it without help. Once the bar is in place, secure it with the pressure mounting system.

Glassdoor security bars feature padded ends to protect your doors, so don’t worry about damaging the glass panes. The bars can work for sliding and stacked frameless glass doors. Installation takes a few minutes and only needs a drill.

Security bars can prevent children and pets from pushing or forcing the sliding pane open or closed. Make sure you purchase premium quality bars or ask your glass door installer to include them in the installation.

Install a Security Brace

Door locks and security bars work for sliding and stacked glass doors but may not suffice for other designs. You can use a brace instead of a security bar if you have French, pivot, hinge, or bi-fold glass doors.

The locking mechanism in French and bi-fold doors calls for additional support to keep the door secure. A security brace can prevent the door from opening and withstands more force. The braces hold the door closed even when the glass breaks.

Door braces feature two parts. The first part is screwed into the floor at the base of the glass door. Make sure the mount sits at the center. The second piece slides in and out of place and pushes against the middle where the two panes meet.

To open the door, slide the second piece out of position. Braces work with frameless designs, so your installer can include them when installing the glass door.

Frameless Glass Doors

Homeowners have many other options when looking to keep their children and pets safe around glass doors. You can integrate smart electronic sensors and alarms or consider installing an automated pet door. Stick to reputable glass door and window installers that can provide quality installations for frameless glass doors. Leading professionals will help you identify the best security solutions and tips.

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