Is THC Helpful For Older People?

As a human starts aging, a lot of health issues arise. Even constant visits to the doctors and regular consumption of medicines do not seem to help. At a certain age, taking care of physical and mental health can be challenging. The National Council has reported that over 92 per cent of older people suffer from at least one chronic illness, and over 75 per cent suffer from more than two. Many have said that they cannot take proper treatment as no affordable options exist. Studies have also mentioned that the health conditions of older people are deficient in the United States as compared to others.

The problem lies in leading an improper lifestyle. People fail to take proper care of themselves during the onset of old age and suffer consequences later when they lose control over the situation. In most cases, older people go through life-long treatment to lengthen their survival span. However, they continue to suffer from pain and discomfort as they are unaware of the permanent solutions available. In addition, financial barriers are a significant threat to leading a healthier lifestyle. The country’s health care infrastructure also needs to be improved, but self-care should still be the primary concern.

Older adults usually face chronic pains, insomnia, muscle aches, weak bones, and severe ailments such as blood cancer. However, if taken a close look, one can notice that one can avoid all these problems by changing daily behavior and food habits. Small steps such as including products with CBD or THC content such as THC Edibles in daily routine can make a big difference. These products bring in slow change, which is more effective than most drugs available. The results they provide also last longer. They are the newest trend in the market and are thus readily available and a cheaper alternative.

THC – Is the Hype Justified?

THC is a psychoactive compound that comes from marijuana. It has several health benefits and has been used to treat seizures and epilepsy since ancient times. Unfortunately, governments of several countries hesitate to provide it legal status as marijuana has come in handy for immoral purposes. However, after recognising the medicinal values of THC, there has been continuous research going on to collect more data regarding the same. As a result, even the FDA has now approved the usage of small doses in food products to treat severe health problems and illnesses. THC is especially beneficial for seniors as they act as a calming agent for their nerves. They regulate bodily functions to stimulate the nerve cells and boost energy. They also help with nausea and migraine, quite common problems that older people face. With ageing, the neurons of the human body weaken and need help to function correctly. However, providing them with chemicals does more damage to them. So, it is ideal to only include organic products in food habits to ensure the proper functioning of all the body organs.

How does THC help Older People?

The medicinal properties of THC are countless. People of all ages can benefit from them, making them the best option next to other pills available in the market. Industrial hemp farms in the USA produce a large quantity of high-quality hemp without chemicals. The edibles that have THC in them come from organic hemp juice. The sweetness of the gummies comes without adding any additional flavor. Therefore, people with diabetes can consume them without any worry.

The THC edibles also target other health issues. For example, muscle and joint pain is prevalent trouble among older people. A study from 2013 confirmed that it is the most effective substance available for reducing chronic pain. Suppose compared to placebo, even a 1.29 per cent dose of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol proved to be more effective. More than 30 per cent of the elderly said they had gotten relief after usage.

How does THC help with an Increase in Appetite?

A majority of people experience a loss in appetite as they start aging. As a result, they develop eating disorders which eventually lead to malnutrition. In addition, after a certain age, the body loses its ability to fight back and repair itself. Therefore, a healthy diet is required to help the body function. THC is known to help increase hunger. Interestingly, they can also make the food feel tastier.

This phenomenon is possible as the receptors that come in contact with THC generate a hormone called ghrelin, which stimulates hunger in an individual. They also have antibacterial properties. So, they help the human body fight against any bacteria that suppress the feeling of hunger. A few years back, researchers at MIT found that the psychoactive compound THC killed pathogens when other chemicals failed. These studies prove that this organic substance is an effective and harmless solution for older people.

How does THC help to enhance senses?

People steer away from edibles with THC content as they fear that they may get fatally high. However, overdose is impossible in this case. Hemp extracts are known to act as mood regulators. After regularly consuming these gummies, older adults said they had felt relief at a psychological level. It happens as tetrahydrocannabinol has antioxidant properties. They offer protection against oxidative stress that can cause harm to cells and even the DNA structure. UV rays cause oxidative stress and lead to neurodegenerative diseases.

THC enhances the functioning of the senses to help them learn to protect themselves. They also help solve stiffness caused due to the poor functioning of nerves. They are used to treat patients with arthritis and have worked better than any other medicine. Research has shown that they override the genes that cause inflammation and reduce the production of cytokine and chemokine that increase inflammation.

How does THC help with Insomnia in Older People?

THC works as an agent to induce sleep. They work by calming the nerves. They also shorten the REM cycle, which improves the quality of sleep. If consumed a few hours before sleep the gummies moderate breathing patterns causing fewer interruptions. Oral doses of cannabinoids have proven to be more effective for insomniacs. People who suffer from sleep apnea also benefit from these products. In addition, they help reduce neuropathic pain and irritability.

Older people who started using these products noticed an improvement within two weeks. The good news is that there were no side effects. Instead, they experienced an immediate shift in their mood and reported sleeping for longer hours.


With aging, a lot of complications develop. Taking preventive measures at an earlier stage can control the problems. Another way to avoid suffering in old age is making small behavioral changes. Many people have benefitted from adopting organic products. THC products such as oil and gummies come from organically produced hemp extracts. They can help with almost all physical and psychological disorders. They target the root of the problem and work to strengthen it. But, over-the-counter pills have thousands of chemicals in them. They are also usually expensive, which makes them less affordable. On the contrary, THC products are an all-rounder as they are organic, affordable, cruelty-free, and most importantly, very effective.

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