Is The Bombay Cat Right For Your Grandparents

We all want and need companionship in our lives, it may be through a social club and interactions on a Sunday at church, or attending your local elder generation yoga class at the park three times a week. No matter what you choose we enjoy being around others, listening to their stories and adventures, and being heard in return, and if a pet could provide all that once your loved one has passed away then why not?

Too often we hear of old folk who sit and simply fade away into the distance living out their last days as muted as possible so as not to be noticed because their other half whom they have spent more than half of their life with has gone to heaven.

You think it is something we hear about only in the movies but having a broken heart is a real condition, you can read about it here,what%20to%20look%20out%20for but if someone or a pet could fill the void life might just be good again.

It must be an unbearable feeling to lose someone and then be alone to deal with the emotions associated with the trauma, and this is why so many therapists and doctors recommend adopting a pet. If you are adopting from a shelter then essentially that animal has also been left alone and your bond will be stronger than ever as you protect and care for each other.

Cats and elders.

Wanting a cat for your granny is a great gift but before you jump into any decisions and purchases have a chat with her, she might well love the idea of companionship but may not feel up to the task of the feeding and grooming side of things, depending on her age and where she lives.

Thankfully, if your grandmother would like some company then cats are a good choice, they are low-maintenance and independent for the most part. With the help from the family for veterinary clinic checkups and grooming, she will no longer feel alone and lonely and will enjoy her golden years with a smile on her face.

The only choice you need to make is deciding on which breed is best, but from what is being seen the Bombay personality and cat breed is proving popular and is friendly enough to suit all ages and families.

It is not only pleasing to look at with its charcoal coat but enjoys being the sole attention of its owner, great for someone looking for constant companionship. Granny and the cat will have a great time sitting in the sun on the rocking chair while listening to the radio and looking out the window at the world going by. Life is meant to be that good.

There is a certain item that money just can’t buy and that is genuine love and affection, and cats provide that without being asked. There are other factors that are a result of having a cat around, let’s see what they are.

  • Physical health. If you have a pet around there is always something to do which makes it great to keep grandparents on the move. It could be to fetch a toy, to get a snack from the kitchen cupboard, the main objective is to get and keep them moving. This reduces blood pressure and improves the heart rate.
  • Mental improvement. As mentioned before not wanting to face the future alone is a big concern for the older generation, and understandably so. They could become anxious, and have an emotionally triggered breakdown. Knowing you have a purpose to take care of an animal that depends on you and that you have company can make all the difference when it comes to mental health.

Many folks in retirement villages claim to have gone down a dark path only to be rescued and essentially saved by adopting a pet, see this link for one such story and it could be what seals the deal for going down to the shelter or agency and finding the perfect cat for you.

  • Stress reliever. It is no secret that when we feel under pressure a cuddle from our furry family member can help to calm things down. Simply holding them can ease tension and help you think about a possible solution to an issue you may be facing.
  • Patients with diseases such as dementia or Alzheimer’s sometimes show signs of aggression towards others and especially to their caregivers, having a calm pet can help to soothe them and make them feel safe. This way it is better for the patient and the carer.
  • This is one pet that will take the pressure off of an older person, not having a high-energy animal such as a dog who needs twice daily walks to exert and relieve the built-up energy, a cat is practically self-sufficient.

A last thought.

Animals have long been on the earth and have helped us in more ways than we have helped them, from food sustenance to protection, and more recent decade companionship. We have learned valuable lessons from them whether it be teamwork, respect, or survival of the fittest, animals are a key component in the cycle of life.

Give your grandmother the joy of a furry friend, the love that comes so effortlessly for them, and the listening ear we could all use from time to time.

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