Is There A Difference Between A Mortgage & Home Loan?

When you think of having your dream home, things might not be as simple as you thought them to be. Besides, considering the number of funds that need to be invested in, it is quite natural to have considered multiple terms to make the most out of it.

If you are carrying out such a work for the first time, you might find financing terms familiar to one another. For instance, most aspiring buyers tend to believe a mortgage and a home loan in Canberra are synonyms. However, it is important to understand that both are quite different from each other.

Today we will be discussing both the concepts to their best to help you have the advantage of the one that suits you the most. Read on to know more about them.

  • Mortgage

A mortgage is a kind of loan undertaken to purchase any sort of real estate. Here the borrower agrees to pay back the amount lent over the time in a series of payments. Here the estate itself is used as collateral, ensuring the borrower will keep up their promise to pay back the said amount. Therefore, if the borrower fails to withhold their said commitment, the lender holds the right to seize the property.

  • Home Loan

A home equity loan too is a mortgage; however, in this case, the home loan Canberra is taken after purchasing and gathering equity in the house. The home equity loan is often termed to be the second loan acquired as it lets you borrow the funds by leveraging the home equity.

In this case, the borrowing percentage entirely depends on the company lending the amount and your credit rating.

But the question that arises here is, which financial product would help you the best to acquire a property?

Which Financial Product Will Get You A Property?

Now that you are aware of both the terms, you must have been able to comprehend which one could help you get a property. Although a mortgage and a home loan can both help you acquire your property, both have their own pros and cons that need to be considered to make the right decision.

You Need A Mortgage Broker!

While acquiring a mortgage and building your abode might feel like taking a step toward fulfilling your dream, the amount of work required behind the picture mandates having in-depth financial knowledge. Withholding the fact that many things are put at stake, and not all of us are well aware of financial terminology, having a professional mortgage broker is the best choice.

However, remember to check the credentials of the person you’re about to hire into account, they need a Certificate IV in Finance and Mortgage Broking to become a mortgage broker, so this is a good start. But then you can also check reviews and references to make sure you have a reliable and efficient person on board.

Summing Up!

Buying a property, no doubt is a costly affair. What could put things at stake is not being able to choose the right option when it comes to acquiring funds. Therefore to have the right option selected and ease the entire process of acquiring the funds, we recommend reaching out to home loan Canberra professionals for help.

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