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Jobs in Philippines for Indian

The best way to find a job in the Philippines is to go there as a tourist, live on the islands for a couple of months and have a good look around. In this case, recruiting agencies will be clearly useless. Work in the Philippines is often sought by those foreigners who want to leave everything in their home cities. If they want to move for permanent residence in a country where the temperature never drops below 28 degrees. The best way to move is to start your own business. But not everyone has such an opportunity. And then a job search abroad is quite justified. This is the case with the jobs in Philippines for Indian.

Even among those foreigners who live or have lived in the Philippines, there are two completely opposite opinions. Some believe that it is impossible to find work in the Philippines. Others are deeply convinced that you just need to come to the islands and make the necessary acquaintances. And, among other things, a local phone number – it’s hard to imagine an employer from the Philippines who wants to contact a potential employee thousands of miles away.

What specialties are in demand?

According to optimists, specialists in the field of tourism business are in demand in the Philippines. More than 3 million tourists come to this country every year, who need to be served and entertained. Accordingly, foreigners who have knowledge of other active sports. In addition, there are branches of many foreign corporations in the Philippines. There you can also try to find a job when you have fluent English and higher education. experience in a similar field and specialized education is the most powerful argument in your favor.

Seasonal job

Finally, in the Philippines, a foreigner can get a seasonal job – for example, if you need to earn a little extra money during a long trip. In this case, the opportunity to find a qualified job is almost zero, but here it is quite possible to get a job as a waiter in the Philippines or as a seller in an ice cream stand.

You can search in advance for work (as an instructor, guide, etc.) through tour operators who work in the Philippines. In this situation, you will need a well-written resume in English, patience and letters of recommendation – most tour operators ignore such letters, so the job search in the Philippines can be delayed.


But even if you’re lucky and you manage to find a job from home, you can’t count on a big salary in the Philippines. In this country, manual labor is paid at the rate of $ 5-7 per day, the minimum wage is about $ 200 per month.

Skilled labor is paid slightly better: a call center employee receives $ 300-400 a month, programmers – from $ 500. Due to this level of salaries, foreigners prefer to come already with money to the Philippines – with the accumulated amount of money or with a source of income at home. For example, most rent apartments in their cities and come on “perpetual vacation” to the Philippines.

Someone manages to work remotely – and then the working day passes by the ocean, somewhere under a palm tree. It should be noted that the prices for accommodation in the Philippines are still very low. With regard to the cost of renting a home, the prices are related to your preferences and the places where you intend to reside.

If you still want to have a roof over your head, then the average price for houses and apartments fluctuates around $ 400 per month, which is not much for two or three people.

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