Jobs You Can Find In the Manufacturing Industry

If you want to work in the manufacturing industry, you need an idea of what you are interested in and what kind of career you want. You can decide to work on an assembly line, in the automotive industry, or a warehouse, for example. These jobs are hands-on and require agility and observational skills. However, if you want to work with your hands and enjoy a fast-paced environment, this may be what you want. Here are some positions you can find in the manufacturing industry.

Assembly Line Worker

Assembly line workers work in a factory, usually, and put together or inspect items. It can be anything from food to jewelry to cars. If there is a particular industry you want to work in, you can look for assembly line staffing offices near you. They may be able to help you get into the niche you are looking for, like clothing or jewelry.

Be aware that these jobs require you to be alert, some more than others. You might be putting together large, heavy objects like cars or small everyday items like chairs or musical instruments. The building you work in may be large or small; it depends on what you are making.

Also, the process may take longer if you assemble small, niche items, like instruments. However, if you work in the food industry, expect a much more fast-paced environment.

Warehouse Worker

If you know how to operate a forklift and are familiar with other warehouse items, like pallets, a warehouse job could be what you want. While you have to be on your feet for long periods, if you get a supervisory position, you can make more money. You need to know how to operate machinery, depending on your industry.

Some warehouse jobs only deal with sorting packages and other items and do not rely heavily on machinery. If you are starting in the manufacturing industry and want to understand how a warehouse works, you might choose to work in one for a while and then move to other positions.


If you like working with your hands but do not want to work on an assembly line or warehouse, you might want to be an engineer. While it does require more school and training, it can be a lucrative career. Engineers can work in the manufacturing industry by creating schematics for machinery or items made in a factory.

Engineers can also create systems that make factories safer for workers and reduce or eliminate injuries. They can also make machines that make the assembly process faster so companies can create more items. If you want to become an engineer, look at schools in your area with good math and science programs.

The manufacturing industry is broad and multi-faceted. You can do many things in this area. Start by deciding what you are interested in and then see if you need training or help finding a job. If you need extra training, like a degree, see what schools offer the skills you need. If you need help finding a job, try a staffing agency.

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