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إِنَّا أَنزَلْنَاهُ قُرْآنًا عَرَبِيًّا لَّعَلَّكُمْ تَعْقِلُونَ

“Indeed, we have sent it down as an Arabic Qur’an that you acght understand.”

All Muslims are to consider the meanings of the Quran and apply its guidelines and precepts to their everyday lives, as directed by Allah AWT.

In the Holy Quran, he stated:

“O Muhammad, this is a blessed book that we have revealed to you so that they may consider its verses and be reminded of those who have understanding.”

The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) advised all Muslims to study the Quran as well. He declared,

“Those who learn and teach the Quran are the best Muslims.”

Arabic Quranic Classes Online

These verses and hadith emphasize how crucial it is to study and comprehend the Quran. Nothing, regardless of the translated language you are reading, can diminish the value of reciting the Quran. However, reading the Holy Quran in Arabic is the only way to reap its incredible advantages.

I promise you, if you are not familiar with reciting the Arabic Quran, you are not familiar with it either. For this reason, learning Quranic Arabic is necessary if you want to understand the abrupt stylistic shifts, the brief yet impactful verses, and the rhymes. You just have to feel it for yourself.

Muslims who speak English have a tremendous chance with the Quranic Arabic Course Online. Everything fits within one course. This training enhances one’s ability to speak Arabic, facilitates the translation of the Quran, enhances comprehension of the Tafseer, and enhances Tajweed, Quran recitation, and memorizing.

About Online Arabic Course on the Quran

Quranic Arabic: What Is It?

This online course on Quranic Arabic is made to accommodate students of all skill levels and to give them a fun and interesting atmosphere in which they learn Quranic Arabic online. The key to reading and comprehending the Quran is Quranic Arabic. Through studying Quranic terms and discovering Arabic, it allows the pupils to reflect deeply.

We teach students the Arabic alphabet, vocabulary, grammar, Quranic recitation, interpretation of the Quran, and the rationale for revelation with the top online Quranic experts from the Arab and Islamic worlds in this course using a variety of approaches and techniques.

Arabic Translation of the Quran for For Beginners

The goal of this online Arabic course for Quran is to teach the Quran in a way that is engaging, dynamic, and diverse to all students who wish to learn the Holy Quran in a way that is simple and accessible. Live classes will be conducted via Zoom or Skype with qualified teachers at a time and location that works best for them. An integrated testing system will cover every lesson and enable self-assessment through quizzes and presentations.

Study Plan for Quranic Arabic

1: Emphasize Use of Relevant Quranic Vocabulary

2. Frequency List of Quranic Words

3. Syntax

4- Put it into practice

Why Learn Arabic for the Quran?

Every lesson is extensive, extremely thorough, and requires a lot of work. Our online Quran instructors will teach you the Arabic language, proper intonation, a thorough comprehension of the meanings and interpretations of the Qur’an, the rationale behind revelation, Arabic grammatical structures, Fiqh, Tafsir teachings, the doctrine, and hadith associated with the Qur’an.

Top Arabic Quranic Course Online

● Understanding the Quran; ● Reciting the Quran; ● Classical Arabic; ● Quran Tafseer.

● Tajweed Guidelines.

Arabic Course Levels for the Quran

We provide the top Quranic Arabic curriculum, created by a team of highly qualified Islamic scholars who took learning levels into account:

Beginners learning Quranic Arabic online of Juz 30 should start at the basic level.

The intermediate level includes Quranic interpretation using Juz 29–28 grammar and linguistics.

The Quranic Arabic lessons from certain chapters of the whole Quran serve as the foundation for the higher level.

Features of the Quranic Arabic Course:

Well-trained Teachers

Having earned degrees from reputable Islamic colleges, they are highly competent. With years of expertise in the sector, they have refined their skill. Our native Arab teachers are very skilled and have a strong command of the English language. They possess a solid understanding of this field having studied under various academics. They pass a few of well crafted tests. They so pass many evaluation stages and are hired as teachers.

Tailored Study Schedules

One of the key things that sets us apart is that we make every effort to make studying Arabic online for Quran as simple as possible for you, your family, and your friends. We achieve this by allowing you to make your own schedule, change your available hours at any time of day, and take into account the unique needs of each student.

Course Requirement

This is an open course; no prior expertise is needed. This course offers an engaging and creative method to cover all of these topics, even for those who have prior experience in the subject.

Basic Arabic Course Structure for the Quran

Class Type: Group or One-on-One

Levels: Introductory, Intermediate, and Expert

Age range: 15 to 70

Start your learning adventure now and take advantage of the opportunity to receive TWO FREE Trial sessions if you would want to have the chance to learn the Quran, Arabic, or Islamic Studies online from the finest and most knowledgeable online Quran instructors!

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