Lessen Your Anxiety With Cannabis

Have you been stressed lately and feeling anxious? Yes, many people feel like you with rapid heartbeat, sweats, and uneasiness. However, sometimes it is temporary if you have stress at work or need to deal with difficulties. Yet, if the feeling does not go away, it can lead to serious concerns. You might be experiencing anxiety and can worsen if not treated. So, where does cannabis fit into the picture?

Can Cannabis Help With Anxiety?

Cannabis you can find in different forms, from CBD oil, edibles to shatter. The fact is that cannabis has cannabinoids and terpenes working together to create an effect that helps lessen these anxious symptoms. The cannabinoids consist of CBD and THC.

The THC strain provides a euphoric yet psychoactive feeling to make you feel high. The THC binds to your CB1 receptors found in the brain, helping to increase the feel-good hormone dopamine. The latter, in turn, helps assist these anxiety symptoms. When using a THC strain at the therapeutic level, it provides a calming sensation to make you relax.

The CBD strain also has a psychoactive effect, but it does not give you that euphoric feeling. This is because the strain does not bind to the same receptor as THC but your CB2 one. Instead, the strain floats around the receptor to attach with your neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine. Both these transmitters you find in your CNS (Central Nervous System) are involved with depression or anxiety.

So both of these cause you to become depressed or feel anxious. The fact is that you need a very high dose of CBD to help relieve your anxious feelings from 50mg to 600mg per dose. Thus, you need to start low as increasing your dosage could result in side effects.

Using CBD and THC Together

For anxiety, it is best to use both these strains as both provide benefits to treat your anxiety. You can find it available in various products such as CBD/THC oil or shatter. So if you need wholesale shatter Canada products, you can check it out here. Using both strains with a higher CBD and lower THC level is beneficial.

Final Thoughts

The important thing is if you consider using cannabis to treat your symptoms. We recommend you discuss it with your doctor first. The best online testosterone replacement therapy is to start slow with low dosages of cannabis and gradually work your way up. If you are uncertain that you are experiencing anxiety, it is essential to talk to your health practitioner.

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