List of Best Online Summer Camps to Attend in 2022


As we are approaching summer seasons, we highly recommend you to look for some excellent summer camps for your child. Your child’s involvement in summer camps will benefit him/ her to excel in their career.


But after 2020 things have drastically changed, now the whole educational system has shifted into the digital sphere. Therefore, this year you can try with some excellent virtual summer camps for your children. The virtual summer camps will not benefit to boost their career but you can also keep an eye on them.


Nonetheless, if you are looking for some best summer camps then consider reading our blog post. Below we have listed some of the best virtual summer camps for your kids. But first let us understand what a virtual summer camp is.

What is a virtual summer camp?

Ever since the Covid 19 hitted the world, things have taken an ugly turn, today the educational system is standing in the digital world. And this is when the educational system came up with the virtual summer camp.


Are you wondering what virtual summer camp is? Don’t worry we have explained virtual summer camp in this section. A virtual summer camp consists of some fun and engaging activities for children that help them to learn various things. In virtual summer camps you will find activities related to education, creativity and personality development.


The virtual summer camp had engaged the students in several different activities to boost their career. In virtual summer camp your kids will not just get enlightened but also explore their creativity and develop new skills. You will find various activities in a virtual summer camp such as  Arts & Crafts, Music, Entrepreneurship, and more. This is a great way to develop new skills that can help your kids in future.

List of some best virtual summer camps for 2022

Now that you have learned about virtual summer camps, let us look at some of the best virtual summer camps for 2022.

For Kids:

  • Prepaze
  • Scratch Ninja Camp
  • Minecraft Modding Camp
  • Genius Gems’ Virtual Harry and Hermione STEM
  • National Geographic At-Home Camps – Build a Tent
  • Intro to Python
  • CampYoutube

For elementary students

  • Prepaze
  • Arduino for Kids Camp
  • Coding with Kids’ Little Coders Camp
  • Coding with Roblox Studio
  • Camp Wonderopolis
  • Varsity Tutors
  • Happy Camper Live
  • DIY Summer Camp
  • Reading Rockets

For middle school students

  • Python for AI Camp
  • Prepaze
  • Maker Summer Camp
  • Mobile Coding for Apps
  • Virtual 4-H Camp
  • TechKnowHow Online LEGO® Engineering Camps
  • Data Superpower Camp
  • Camp Supernow

For high school students

  • Java in Android Camp
  • Prepaze
  • Unity Game Development Camp
  • Summer @Brown Online
  • Cornell University Summer Session Online.
  • Brandeis University Summer Courses
  • Rice University Summer Sessions
  • Tufts Pre-College Programs
  • Purdue University
  • Boston University – High School Honors Online

The bottom line

In conclusion, we would like to say that virtual summer camp is a great way to indulge your kids into some fun activity to boost their skills. Since it is virtual, you don’t have to worry about them. We hope the listed virtual summer camps will help your kids to upscale their talent and education.

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