Maintenance Tips for Long-lasting Composite Decking

A deck is more than simply an extension of your living area; it’s an essential component of it. It acts as a gateway to your house and is an ideal place to spend quality time with family and friends. As a result, your deck should remain in outstanding shape throughout the year.

Most homeowners choose composite decking because it is long-lasting and requires little upkeep. In fact, the Freedonia Group predicts that composite decking will account for 20% of the decking industry owing to its longevity and minimal maintenance needs. Another report by Global Market Insights estimated that the composite decking market would reach $4.4 billion by 2027, as more homes prefer low-maintenance and long-lasting decking materials.

However, in order to keep your composite deck looking great for a long time, regular care is required. This guide will take you through how to maintain composite decks and why it’s so vital to do so on a regular basis.

Tips to Maintain Composite Decks

Maintaining composite decks requires cleaning them, protecting and preventing damage, and conducting repairs and replacements.

1. Remove the debris and dirt.

Whether you use your composite decks for meals or relaxing, they will inevitably collect dirt and debris. As a result, you’ll want to clean your deck as frequently as needed. Make careful to remove any dirt and debris that may get lodged between the boards.

Remember that allowing dirt and debris to collect on your deck will not only discolour it, but also encourage the development of mould and mildew.

2. Apply a composite deck cleaner.

We suggest cleaning your composite deck using a composite deck cleaner. This is because composite deck cleaners are built from materials that can quickly remove different sorts of filth and stains. Alternatively, use hot water, soap, and a soft bristle brush.

When selecting a composite deck cleaner, verify the ingredients. Preferably, use oxygen-based cleansers and avoid those containing chlorine bleach. This is because deck cleaners containing chlorine bleach may cause early chipping, cracking, and splintering, compromising the structural integrity of your deck.

3. Pressure. Wash the deck.

A pressure washer may remove all embedded dirt without the need for a cleaning chemical. If the pressure washer is not used appropriately, high-pressure water might harm the composite decking.

When using a pressure washer to clean your deck, utilise the fan tip to keep the spray from concentrating in one place. Also, don’t surpass 1500 PSI or you’ll harm the surface of your deck.

Other recommendations for utilising a pressure washer to clean your deck include:

  • Keep at least six inches between the pressure washer wand and the deck.
  • Never use solvents or brighteners in a power washer.
  • Do not clean along the grain of the deck planks.

4. Apply a Protective Sealant.

Applying a protective sealer to your composite decking protects it while also making maintenance simpler. With a protective sealant, you can prevent moisture damage, discoloration, and mould development.

Another reason to use a protective sealer on your composite decking is to brighten or restore the colour. While regular exposure to the Sun’s damaging UV rays causes the colour of your deck to fade over time, a protective sealant coating may restore the appearance of your composite deck. Check with your manufacturer to see if they advise against applying a sealer on your composite deck. If they do and you continue to apply a sealant, it may violate your deck guarantee.

5. Address mould and mildew. Promptly

Mould and mildew are most often seen in regions where dirt and moisture have accumulated over time. They may degrade your deck’s structure over time, resulting in cracks, splinters, and even fading.

You can protect your deck from such damage by treating mould and mildew issues as soon as they arise. One approach to do this is to avoid covering your composite deck with rugs, as they encourage the development of mould and mildew, which may discolour or stain it. Cleaning your deck on a regular basis might help to avoid mould and mildew development.

6. Take Care When Using Snow Shovels and Ice Melt

You should use care while removing ice from your deck since certain snow shovels are constructed of metals that might scuff or harm it.

Also, before you use ice melts on your deck, you need to understand how they operate. Ice melts emit heat and produce a brine that melts snow and prevents ice from forming. Avoid using ice melts containing abrasive elements like aluminium oxide since they may discolour or permanently harm your deck. We suggest using an ice melt that is salt-free and non-corrosive.

7. Inspect for damage or wear and tear.

Most homeowners only examine their decks when they notice a problem. Unfortunately, the damage may be hard to restore or very costly. To prevent a situation like this, examine your deck on a frequent basis. Inspect for wear and tear, wobbly boards, deteriorating subframes, and other symptoms of deterioration.

8. Replace the damaged boards.

Damaged boards might put you at danger of an accident or cause more damage to your composite deck. As a result, if you detect broken or worn-out boards during the examination, replace them immediately.

Replacing broken boards fast saves you money by avoiding costly repairs to your deck, as well as ensuring your and your friends’ and family’s safety.

9. Consider upgrading to high-performance composite materials.

While they may be more expensive, high-performance composite materials have several advantages. Aside from being more visually appealing, they promise less upkeep and higher endurance. If you want to get the most out of your money, switching to high-performance composite materials is a no-brainer.


There is little doubt that composite decks are more durable and dependable than most conventional decks. However, this does not imply that they do not need upkeep. Ideally, you should maintain your deck every three to six months. Follow the care advice listed above to keep your composite deck looking great for a long time.

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