New bingo games calls: Which calls are they replacing

If you’ve been a bingo fan for more than a decade, you may have notice that something is changing in the world of bingo calls – classic bingo calls that were invented many years ago are changing into new versions of the call – try the best online bingo for real money today.

Which calls are they replacing, and why is this happening? Continue reading to find out – we’re going to breaking down the key bingo calls which are going to be replaced.

Woke Bingo

One of the main reasons that old bingo calls are being replaced is because the calls simply have not aged well. Bingo calls were first found in the UK during the first world war and the world was a different place back then – there was no health and safety, no social media and definitely no political correctness! Over the last few decades society has tried to become more inclusive and less offensive, which we are all for. However, when it effects our favourite bingo calls, that’s where we draw the line. Check out this table below to show the changes being made to some of our favourite bingo calls!

Original Bingo Call New Bingo Call + Reason
Number 88, two fat ladies ‘Fat’ has been replaced with ‘body positive’ in the woke bingo world due to concerns with fat shaming
Number 3, cup of tea ‘Cup of tea’ has been replaced with ‘gluten free’ in the woke bingo version. What’s wrong with a cup of tea!? it doesn’t even contain gluten!
Number 69, either way up The bingo call has been changed completely to ‘just in time’ – come on, where’s your sense of humour?

Modern Bingo Calls

It must be said that not all bingo calls are being replaced because people think they are offensive – some of them are simply getting too old, referencing pop culture and daily interests from before the war. People simply can’t relate to this stuff so much anymore, so a lot of bingo calls get a fresh update to form a stronger connection with the players. Here are a few examples of before and after bingo calls – see if you can guess what they get changed to!

Before After
Number 38, Christmas Cake Christmas cake just isn’t as popular as it used to be, not compared to the 2021 version ‘avocado on a plate’
Number 48, Four Dozen Who counts in dozens anymore? No where near as many people who relate to this one ‘not another Brexit debate!’
Number 26, Half a Crown Pre-decimal currency has long since disappeared in the UK – try ‘scrolling through my ex’s pics’

Bingo Calls are Changing

Overall, some of these classic bingo calls that are being replaced by new versions are great, but others – we’re not a fan of. At the end of the day, we can’t control this – change is ever-present in life and bingo is no exception. All you can do to change it is invent your own bingo calls and try to get them to go viral! Go for it!

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