Slots Cheats That You Could Only Use in The Past

It seems that the creators of slot machines have thought out every detail to enrich themselves. In the hope of easy money, gamblers try to beat a smart car and rely only on their own luck – play UK slot games. However, the players used various ways to cheat the machine, and actually, those methods used to work and would bring money to Pay by Phone Casino players.

Many of them operated on old classical devices because the new developers make enhanced protections, where several protected measures and algorithms are used to ensure that no algo could be breached. Moreover, the online playing platforms have their own specialized protection layers, which keep hacking of any kind at bay. So, let’s count the different methods that the players could use back then.

Return of Funds

An effective method was the return of funds to the owner from slot machines. The main thing is not to lose vigilance by ensuring that there are no CCTV cameras, guards, or stand so that the player’s manipulations are not noticed. Usually, the players would prepare themselves in advance at home. If the device accepts a small change, they would drill a small hole in the center and insert a thread 50 cm long into it by wrapping a coin several times with a thread and tie it tightly. Return such money from the coin acceptor many times.

Piezo Lighter

With this method, the players take the piezo lighter and bring it to the coin acceptor. Thanks to its category, bonuses will be credited to your account. This method works on a slot machine without protection from electrical discharges. Also, note that the lighter makes sounds that can be heard up close.

Bank-Note Method

If the machine accepts paper bills, you will need tape. One side is completely pasted over with it, while on the other, two strips 1 cm wide are glued. A thin strip of adhesive tape 30 cm long is cut off and works by making a loop. Here, the strip has one side attached to the banknote, while a pencil is wound in the middle of the strip, and the bill’s opposite end is glued with the tape’s other end. This method works on machines with three bulbs. Simply, you have to glue a 20-30 cm long thread to the paper bill, put it in the bill acceptor, and pull the thread. Next, place the banknote folded in four, but do not let go. In a couple of minutes, the slot machine will give away the first bill. The point of the method is to confuse the slot machine. Play at the minimum bet until you win, then raise your rates as much as possible, and this is how a winning combination comes out. However, this method does not work on all devices.

Final Thoughts

It is more difficult to cheat virtual slot machines and is only possible with the help of special programs. However, this method is illegal, and programs are purchased illegally from hackers. The rest of the tricks aim to calculate a certain winning algorithm, but the risk of losing is high.


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